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The BARHOF Class of 2016

BARHOF 2016 Group Photo
BARHOF Class of 2016 inductees (L-R) Kevin Radich, Wes “Scoop” Nisker, Narsai David, Dianne Nicolini, Hoyt Smith (behind Dianne) and Stan Salek, representing Hammett & Edison Engineers


After 5,144 votes were cast and counted, the Bay Area Radio Hall Of Fame Class of 2016 was inducted on September 24, 2016, as part of the Broadcast Legends Fall Luncheon, held at the Basque Cultural Center in South San Francisco.

Here are this year’s inductees:

  • Program Host – Dianne Nicolini – Midday announcer on classical KDFC since 1997. She also worked there briefly in 1995, and her other credits include KKHI for ten years beginning in 1983.


  • Program Host – Hoyt Smith – Morning announcer on KDFC since 1999. Bay Area listeners also know him from his work on K101, KNBR, KYUU, KLOK, and smooth jazz KKSF.  One jock, many formats.


  • News – Wes “Scoop” Nisker – Scoop is fondly remembered for his innovative audio collages and news commentaries on KSAN in the late ’60s into the ’70s, and then, in the ’80s and ’90s on KFOG.


  • Sports – Kevin “The Rat” Radich of KCBS. He began by winning a contest on KFOG to be a sportscaster, moved on to KNBR and KGO, and is currently afternoon sports anchor on KCBS.


  • Executive – Dave McKinsey – The late Mr. McKinsey worked for KABL for 30 years, rising from copywriter to program director, and came up with the idea for the cable car bell ringing contest, which rings on.


  • Engineers – Robert Hammett and Edward Edison – Consulting engineers in the nationally known and award-winning firm they founded in 1955, Hammett & Edison.


  • Specialty – Narsai David – Narsai is the long-time food and wine editor on KCBS, and also appeared on TV and contributed food and wine columns to local newspapers.


  • Pioneer – Wilda Wilson Church – Ms. Church provided radio drama programming to KRE in its earliest days in the early 1920s, and went on to produce shows for KGO and NBC’s Pacific Coast network.


  • Pioneer –  Dean Maddox was a popular personality and sportscaster in the 1930’s, into the ’40s, on many programs and stations, including KYA in 1933, then KFRC and KGO, where he broadcast Sundays from the Cliff House.


  • Pioneer – Hilly Rose – A pioneering talk show host in the 1960s on KCBS, where he began as a news reporter, and on KNEW and KGO before going nationwide, doing fill-in work for Larry King, Art Bell and others.



The Boss of the Bay
KYA 1260 AM
Selected As Legendary Station

The Bay Area Radio Hall Of Fame (BARHOF), a program of the California Historical Radio Society, is proud to announce the selection of KYA 1260 AM, San Francisco, as BARHOF Legendary Station for 2016.

Even though KYA has been gone from the Bay Area’s airwaves since 1983, it can rightfully claim its heritage as the Bay Area’s longest-running Top 40 station, having begun its 25-year tenure in 1958. (By contrast, KYA’s chief competitor, the original Big 610, KFRC, lasted twenty years, from 1966 through 1986.)

Despite the high hopes of its owners when it went on the air ninety years ago – the station made its debut on Saturday, December 18, 1926 – KYA endured many difficulties early in its life, owing mostly to the economic conditions of the Depression era. KYA was rescued in 1934 by none other than newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst, who aligned the station with his San Francisco Examiner.

A popular local favorite through the 1930s and 1940s, KYA entered its own “golden age” in May 1958 when it adopted a Top 40 music format, which skyrocketed the station’s popularity as the self-proclaimed “Boss of the Bay.”

Over the next quarter-century, KYA listeners were treated to a parade of hall of fame-caliber disc jockeys, including Tom Donahue (inducted into the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame in 2006), Emperor Gene Nelson (BARHOF ’06), Russ “The Moose” Syracuse (BARHOF ’08), Norman Davis (BARHOF ’14), Mike Cleary (BARHOF ’07) and Tom Saunders (BARHOF ’10), as well as Les Crane, Chris Edwards, Johnny Holliday, Tom Campbell, Peter Tripp and “Boss Radio” innovator Bill Drake.

KYA can also claim another significant link to pop culture history: fifty years ago, in August 1966, the station promoted and hosted the last live concert performance by The Beatles, at wind-swept Candlestick Park.

Although the original KYA faded from the Bay Area’s airwaves at the end of 1983, the station continues to hold a place of affection for those who grew up listening to the legendary “Boss of the Bay.”

CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE KYA COLLECTION on our Bay Area Radio Museum site. See the exhibits and listen to many audio clips from the “Boss of the Bay.”

The CD and digital download project called “KSAN’s Live Jive” containing historic music rarities from KSAN’s extensive live music broadcast archives is now a benefit for the California Historical Radio Society and its Bay Area Radio Hall Of Fame. The Co-Executive producers of “KSAN’s Live Jive” are Kenny Wardell and Jim Draper. ORDER A COPY HERE.

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Bay Area Radio
Hall of Fame
All-Time Inductees

Ken Ackerman (2006)*
Mike Adams (2011)
Preston D. Allen (2006)*
Rosie Allen (2008)
Mike Amatori (2009)
Evangeline Baker (2010)*
Ralph Barbieri (2011)
Ed Baxter (2009)
Don Barksdale (2007)*
Alex Bennett (2008)
Steve Bitker (2014)
Jan Black (2011)
Red Blanchard (2008)*
Don Bleu (2007)
Ira Blue (2006)*
Renel Brooks-Moon (2008)
Ralph R. Brunton (2006)*
Stan Bunger (2010)
Stan Burford (2012)
Hilario “Lalo” Caballero (2010)*
Chet Casselman (2011)*
Ed Cavanagro (2014)
Wilda Wilson Church (2016)*
Mike Cleary (2007)
Mike Colgan (2015)
Al “Jazzbeaux” Collins (2006)*
Frank Cope (2007)*
Russ Coughlan (2011)*
Don Curran (2011)*
Bobby Dale (2009)*
Narsai David (2016)
Belva Davis (2007)
Norman Davis (2014)
Jerry Dean (2007)*
Frank Dill (2006)
Hugh Barrett Dobbs (2006)*
Tom Donahue (2006)*
John W. “Bouncin’ Bill” Doubleday (2011)*
Wesley I. Dumm (2006)*
Jim Dunbar (2006)
Jim Eason (2007)
Dr. Dean Edell (2011)
Aaron Edwards (2007)*
Peter Finch (2014)
Edna Fischer (2006)*
Ben Fong-Torres (2010)
Wilson K. “Bud” Foster (2007)*
Bob Fouts (2008)
James Gabbert (2006)
Bill Gavin (2008)*
Gordon Greb (2011)
Hank Greenwald (2009)
Elma Greer (2015)
Gil Haar (2015)
Hap Harper (2008)*
Al Hart (2006)
Fred J. Hart (2006)*
Pat Henry (2006)*
Mikel Hunter Herrington (2008)*
Charles David “Doc” Herrold (2006)*
Sybil Herrold True (2011)*
Budd Heyde (2010)*
Lewis Hill (2010)*
Russ Hodges (2008)*
Harrison Holliway (2006)*
Rosalie Howarth (2011)
Sherdon “Lu” Hurley (2009)*
Dr. Stuart Hyde (2011)*
Walt Jamond (2010)*
Clifton “Cactus Jack” Johnsen (2009)*
Shingo Kamada (2011)
Colin B. Kennedy (2006)*
Robert S. Kieve (2007)
Greg Kihn (2012)
Bill King (2006)*
Don Klein (2008)
Lissa Kreisler (2015)
Jim Lange (2006)*
Bob Lazich (2014)
Art Lebermann (2010)
Henry Leff (2013)*
Isabelle Lemon (2010)

Phil Lerza (2009)*
Michael Luckoff (2008)
Ron Lyons (2007)*
John Madden (2015)
Dean Maddox (2016)*
Les Malloy (2006)*
Dude Martin (2008)*
Francis J. McCarty (2011)*
Dave McElhatton (2006)*
Dave McKinsey (2016)*
John McLeod (2010)
Terry McGovern (2008)
Dave McQueen (2010)
Bob Melrose (2012)
Franklin Mieuli (2007)*
Jon Miller (2010)
Bill Moen (2006)
Dave Morey (2010)
Jane Morrison (2013)
Carlton E. Morse (2006)*
Don Mozley (2007)*
Gene Nelson (2006)
Dennis Netto (2013)*
Al Newman (2010)
Dianne Nicolini (2016)
Ken Nielsen (2015)
Wes “Scoop” Nisker (2016)
Dan Odum (2011)
Ronn Owens (2007)
Jumpin’ George Oxford (2006)*
Johnny Patrick (2006)*
Sherwood Patterson (2006)*
Al Pearce (2006)*
Mike Pechner (2013)
Celeste Perry (2014)
Rev. George W. Phillips (2006)*
Amaury Pi-Gonzalez (2010)
Doug Pledger (2008)*
Alice Potter (2012)
Kevin Radich (2016)
Gary Radnich (2010)
Hal Ramey (2011)
Laurie Roberts (2011)
Ted Robinson (2012)
Lee Rodgers (2009)*
Dr. Don Rose (2006)*
Hilly Rose (2016)
Bill Ruck (2014)
Dan Rusanowsky (2013)
Don Sainte-Johnn (2010)
Tony Salvadore (2012)
Tom Saunders (2010)
Steven Seaweed (2012)
Peter Scott (Schwartz) (2015)
Bill Shaw (2009)*
Don Sherwood (2006)*
Dave Sholin (2008)
Bonnie Simmons (2010)
Lon Simmons (2006)*
Carter B. Smith (2007)*
Ernie Smith (2007)*
Heber Smith (2010)
Hoyt Smith (2016)
Owen Spann (2006)*
Joe Starkey (2009)
Harvey Stone (2015)
Roy Storey (2008)*
Dusty Street (2015)
Mike Sugerman (2013)
Russ Syracuse (2008)*
Glenhall Taylor (2006)*
Susan Leigh Taylor (2012)
Don Thompson (2011)*
Helen Troy (2006)*
Roy Trumbull (2013)*
Mel Venter (2006)*
Sam Van Zandt (2014)
Jo Anne Wallace (2014)
Chuck Waltman (2012)
William H. “Bill” Weaver (2013)*
Kim Wonderley (2011)
Ted Wygant (2009)

* — Deceased

Bay Area Radio
Hall of Fame
Legendary Station Award

Legendary Station status is conferred by the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame to a station that has created a lasting legacy and contributed significantly to the history of broadcasting in our region.


San Jose-San Francisco

KGO Newstalk 810 AM 

San Francisco

“The Big 610” KFRC 

San Francisco


San Francisco

“The World’s Greatest Radio Station” KSFO 560 AM

San Francisco

“The Jive 95” KSAN 94.9 FM

San Francisco

KPEN 101.3 FM

Atherton / San Francisco

“Boss of the Bay” KYA 1260 AM

San Francisco

KLIV 1590 AM

San Jose


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