Bob Fouts
KSFO/49ers Promotional Photo
Circa 1958

Bob Fouts Photo (KSFO, Circa 1958)

Bob Fouts was not only the voice of Bay Area sports in the 1950s; he was also the father of a San Francisco 49ers ballboy — a gangly kid named Dan — who would grow up to be a Hall of Fame quarterback and a noted sportscaster in his own right.

This photograph, part of a team set issued by the 49ers in the late 1950s, included the following biographical sketch:

A Sacramento product, Bob Fouts attended Christian Brothers High School there, then enrolled at St. Mary’s College.

After World War II, Bob began his radio-television career in the San Francisco area. He’s been associated with the 49ers since 1946 in numerous capacities but is best known for his play-by-play accounts of the games on both TV and radio during the past five years.

Bob’s announcing is not limited to football. He’s also worked the basketball contests of the St. Mary’s Gaels, as well as other schools; Pacific Coast League baseball; track and field, golf, ice hockey and wrestling.

Bob returned to the 49er TV play-by-play this year and is assisted by ex-49er Gordy Soltau. Bob also shares the play-by-play mike with Lon Simmons on radio on nontelevised games. Bob and Mrs. Fouts reside in San Francisco with their five children.

Bob Fouts was elected to the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame in 2008. He was inducted by his son, Dan.

SOURCE: Bay Area Radio Museum Collection.



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