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KSAN 1949 Print Ad (Image)
A September 4, 1949, newspaper advertisement for a 49ers broadcast on San Francisco’s KSAN (1450 AM) with Bud Foster. Among the other stations on the team’s radio network were KXRX (1500 AM, San Jose), KDON (1240 AM, Monterey), KVON (1440 AM, Napa) and KSBR 100.5 FM, San Francisco).

A complete listing of the 49ers’ flagship stations and broadcasters follows:





KYA (1260 AM)

Bud Foster (PBP), Bob Fouts (C)


KYA (1260 AM)

Bud Foster (PBP), Gerry Conlee (C), Bob Fouts (H)
1949KSAN (1450 AM)
KSBR (100.5 FM)
Bud Foster (PBP), Gerry Conlee (C)
1950KSAN (1450 AM)Rod Hughes (PBP), Tommy Greenough, Jack Drees (C)
1951-1952KYA (1260 AM)Bud Foster (PBP), Bob Fouts (C)
1953KYA (1260 AM)Bud Foster (PBP), Roy Storey (H)
1954KFRC (610 AM)Fred Hessler (PBP), Frankie Albert (C)
1955KFRC (610 AM)Roy Storey, Bob Fouts
1956KFRC (610 AM)Roy Storey
1957-1959KSFO (560 AM)Bob Fouts (PBP), Lon Simmons (C)
1960KSFO (560 AM)Lon Simmons, Bob Fouts
1961KSFO (560 AM)Lon Simmons (PBP), Gordy Soltau (C)
1962-1964KSFO (560 AM)Lon Simmons (PBP), Russ Hodges (C)
1965KSFO (560 AM)Lon Simmons (PBP), Russ Hodges (C), Jim Lange (C)
1966-1969KSFO (560 AM)Lon Simmons (PBP), Russ Hodges (C), Hugh McElhenny (C)
1970-1972KSFO (560 AM)Lon Simmons (PBP), Hugh McElhenny (C)
1973-1976KSFO (560 AM)Lon Simmons (PBP), Gordy Soltau (C)
1977KSFO (560 AM)Lon Simmons
1978KSFO (560 AM)Lon Simmons (PBP), Gene Nelson (C)
1979-1980KSFO (560 AM)Lon Simmons (PBP), Wayne Walker (C)
1981KCBS (740 AM)Don Klein (PBP), Wayne Walker
1982KCBS (740 AM)Don Klein (PBP), Don Heinrich (C)
1983KCBS (740 AM)Don Klein (PBP), Don Heinrich (C), Ted Robinson (SL)
1984-1986KCBS (740 AM)Don Klein (PBP), Don Heinrich (C)
1987-1988KGO (810 AM)Lon Simmons (PBP), Wayne Walker (C), Joe Starkey (SL)
1989-1997KGO (810 AM)Joe Starkey (PBP), Wayne Walker (C)
1998-2004KGO (810 AM)Joe Starkey (PBP), Gary Plummer (C)
2005KNBR (680 AM)
KSAN (107.7 FM)
Joe Starkey (PBP), Gary Plummer (C), John Shrader (SL)
2006-2008KNBR (680 AM)
KSAN (107.7 FM)
Joe Starkey (PBP), Gary Plummer (C), Rod Brooks (SL)

KEY: (PBP) = Play-by-play; (C) = Color analyst; (H) = Studio host; (SL) = Sideline reporter.

* — In the event of scheduling conflicts with programming that held priority due to contractual obligations (for example, Giants baseball on KSFO), 49ers broadcasts were moved to other stations on certain dates: KLX (1947), KROW (1948), KFRC (1958), KCBS (1959), KFRC (1960), KGO (1961-1970; except 1962, shared with KCBS), 1977 (KIOI) and KCBS (1978).

SOURCES: Bob Sargent/San Francisco 49ers archives; Len Shapiro/Bay Area Radio Museum; John K. Moynahan.

On The Air Sign (Image)

49ers Football on the Air

49ers vs. Bears on KYA (November 1, 1953; 24 minutes)
49ers vs. Browns on KYA (November 15, 1953; 31 minutes)

Bud Foster (BARHOF 2007) is at mikeside for these choppily-edited excerpts (above) from two November 1953 games broadcast over San Francisco’s KYA (1260 AM). The original recordings are believed to come from transcription discs.

49ers vs. Colts on KSFO (December 8, 1957)

Bob Fouts (BARHOF 2008) and Lon Simmons (BARHOF 2006) call the action as young John Brodie comes off the bench in relief of Y.A. Tittle and tries to spark a 49ers comeback against the powerhouse Baltimore Colts.

Jim Marshall’s “Wrong Way Safety” (Oct. 25, 1964; 25 seconds)

One of the most famous plays in NFL history: Lon Simmons describes the action on KSFO as Jim Marshall of the Minnesota Vikings picks up a 49er fumble and runs the distance — in the wrong direction, scoring a safety for the Niners. Courtesy of Danny Angotti (Atomic Productions).

49ers vs. Bears on KBEE (Sunday, Nov. 13, 1966; 45 minutes)

Fourth-quarter action from Wrigley Field as John Brodie (28-for-54, 327 yards) rallies the 49ers from a ten-point deficit against the George Halas-coached Chicago Bears. This broadcast on the 49ers/Golden West radio network, with Lon Simmons and Hugh McElhenny in the booth, was recorded off the air via KBEE (970 AM and 103.3 FM) in Modesto. Includes “Press Box Review” post-game coverage with Simmons and 49ers defensive coach Jim David. Courtesy of Ron Tamm.

49ers vs. Bears on KSFO (Sept. 10, 1978; 5 minutes)

A short fragment of the Bears-Niners game at Candlestick. Lon Simmons describes the action, with popular KSFO morning man Gene Nelson (BARHOF 2006) providing color.

“The Catch”: 49ers vs. Cowboys on KCBS (Jan. 10, 1982; 48 minutes)

The 49ers dramatic victory (whoops, spoiler alert) over the Dallas Cowboys in the 1981 NFC Championship, with Don Klein (BARHOF 2008) and Wayne Walker at Candlestick Park, as heard over KCBS and the 49ers radio network.

The Catch.



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