Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame:
The Class of 2007

The Bay Area Radio Museum is proud to announce the sixteen newest members of the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame. More than 6,000 votes were cast during the public voting, and a stellar group of legendary broadcasters has been chosen for induction as the Class of 2007:

 Don Barksdale (KROW, KWBR, KDIA)
 Don Bleu (KYUU, KIOI)
 Mike Cleary (KYA, KNBR)
 Frank Cope (KJBS)
 Belva Davis (KSAN, KWBR, KDIA)
 Jerry Dean (KJAZ)
 Jim Eason (KNEW, KGO, KSFO)
 Aaron Edwards (KSFO)
 Bud Foster (KLX, Oakland Oaks, San Francisco 49ers)
 Bob Kieve (owner of KLIV, KARA, KRTY)
 Franklin Mieuli (KHIP, Warriors, Giants and 49ers)
 Don Mozley (KCBS)
 Ronn Owens (KGO)
 Carter B. Smith (KRE, KSFO, KNBR, Magic 61, KABL)
 Ernie Smith (pioneer sportscaster, KYA, KFRC)

Stars of KNBR at BARHOF (Photo)

The Class of 2007 was inducted into the Hall of Fame during a special ceremony that took place on Wednesday, December 12, at the Doubletree Inn on the Berkeley Marina in association with the Broadcast Legends. Among the new Hall of Famers present were Don Bleu, Mike Cleary, Aaron Edwards, Franklin Mieuli, Don Mozley, Ronn Owens and Carter B. Smith.

In addition, Don Barksdale was presented for induction by his sister, Pam Barksdale-Gore; Bob Kieve was represented by KLIV news director George Sampson; and Belva Davis was saluted by her husband, Bill Moore. Large contingents of family members were in attendance to celebrate Jerry Dean, Bud Foster and Ernie Smith upon their inductions.

The afternoon ceremony drew a greater-than-capacity crowd that included Jim Lange, Frank Dill, Al Hart and Ken Ackerman — each a member of the Hall of Fame’s Class of 2006 — plus Ben Fong-Torres, Dave Sholin, Celeste Perry, Norm Howard, Mike Pechner, Ron Fell, Mike Preston, Mike Amatori, Trish Bell and other radio luminaries.

The Bay Area Radio
Hall of Fame
Class of 2007

barksdale owens bleu_1992 lyons

Don Barksdale

Ronn Owens

Don Bleu

Ron Lyons

ernie-smith eason carter-smith davis

Ernie Smith

Jim Eason

Carter B. Smith

Belva Davis

cleary mozley mieuli dean

Mike Cleary

Don Mozley

Franklin Mieuli

Jerry Dean

edwards kieve cope_1931 foster

Aaron Edwards

Bob Kieve

Frank Cope

Bud Foster





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John p cavellini
John p cavellini
21 October 2021 1:11 PM

I was bedridden and listened to Don on KWBR . I loved jazz and believd he signed off with the” midnight sun will never set. ”
He also must have sold also cars because I believe I can remember him saying ” long and tall, used to play basket ball , and if your walking ,talking and breathing I can get you credit
Looked forwards to him everyday.

John p Cavellini
John p Cavellini
21 October 2021 1:27 PM

We’re my memories correct? Stay tuned to Warner Brothers. KWBR. Oakland

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