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PAMS of Dallas JinglesJingles, theme music collections, breakers, liners, bumpers and assorted in-house imaging and promotional spots produced by various sources for Bay Area radio stations. PLEASE NOTE: Exhibits are being added on a regular basis. Only exhibits currently available online are cataloged here.

Some jingles are copyrighted by and presented with the kind permission of PAMS Productions, Inc. The Bay Area Radio Museum thanks Jonathan Wolfert of JAM Creative Productions for his generous assistance in allowing us to bring these wonderful classic jingles to you, and Tracy Carman of the Media Preservation Foundation for assisting in identifying the sources of many of the jingle packages presented here.




KABL Station ID Samples (September 1960):

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KBLX “Quiet Storm” TM Century, Inc., Demo (Undated):

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KCBS-FM “FM 99” PAMS Custom Jingle Grid (1971; 5 minutes) Audio presentation only
KCBS-FM 98.9 PAMS Jingle Audition Series (date unknown; 36 seconds) Audio presentation only
KCBS-FM (97K) “CBS Series” TM Production Showcase (c. 1978) Audio presentation only

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KEWB – Johnny Mann Custom Jingles Audio presentation only
KEWB – “You’ll Hear It First” Jingles (Open & Close) Audio presentation only
KEWB – “Color Radio” Jingles (Chuck Blore Productions) Audio presentation only
KEWB – Boss Radio Rock-A-Pella Jingles Audio presentation only

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KFRC – CRC Series 11 and 13 Jingles (Circa 1960-1964) Audio presentation only
KFRC – “Big 610” Drake Series I with Acapellas (1969) Audio presentation only
KFRC – Drake Series 2 (Undated) Audio presentation only
KFRC – Johnny Mann/Joseph P. Cuff Custom Jingles (Undated) Audio presentation only
KFRC – PAMS “Energy I” Jingles (Circa 1974) Audio presentation only
KFRC/TM – The “You” Jingle Collection (Circa 1975) Audio presentation only
KFRC/TM – “Rhythm Of The City” Theme Package Audio presentation only
KFRC “Magic 61” Imaging Excerpts (1993) Audio presentation only

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KGO 810 Dolphin Ross Jingle Package Sampler, Circa 1960 Audio presentation only
KGO-FM 103.7 Stereo Jingles, 1967

KHTT (1500 AM, San Jose)

KHTT Jingle Series (1984)

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KLIV PAMS “Bandapellas” Jingle Demo (Circa 1965?):
KLIV PAMS Series 27 “Jet Set” Jingles (1965):

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KMEL “Camel 106” Breakers, 1978¹:
KMEL In-House “Camel Stuff” Spots, 1978¹:

¹ — Featuring the voice of KMEL production manager Terry Fox, presented here with special thanks to Rick Reed.

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KMPX Big Band 99 Stereo Jingles, 1982 Audio presentation only

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KNBR “Tuned Young” and Series 17 & 18 Jingles (1967) Audio presentation only
KNBR Custom Jingles (1973)Audio presentation only

KNBR Custom Jingle Demo (1974-1975)Audio presentation only

KNBR Custom Jingle Remixes (1974-1975)Audio presentation only

KNBR “Good Times” Custom Jingles (With Narration, 1976)Audio presentation only

KNBR Carter B. Smith Jingle Package (1983)Audio presentation only

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KNEW 91 Custom Jingle Package (1970):

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IMN Productions “W-Series” KOBY Jingle Demo (Circa 1958):

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KSAN 1450 “Most In Rhythm & Blues” Jingle, c. 1958 Audio presentation only

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KSFO: “The Sound Of The City” Collection Audio presentation only

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KTIM Promo Collection – Part 1 (1977) Courtesy of Robin Spalding
KTIM Promo Collection – Part 2 (1977) Courtesy of Robin Spalding
KTIM Big Band Imaging (Circa 1985) Otis Connor Studios; Courtesy of Bob Gowa

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KYA Series 31 Jingles – “Music Explosion” 1965 Audio presentation only

KYA Series-33 Jingles – “Fun Vibrations” 1967Audio presentation only

KYA Grid I Jingles, 1968Audio presentation only

KYA Grid II Jingles, 1969Audio presentation only

KYA Grid II-A Jingles (Stereo), 1969Audio presentation only

KYA Grid II-B Jingles, 1969Audio presentation only

KYA Custom Jingle Package, 1971Audio presentation only

KYA “Golden Bells” Promo Jingles, 1971Audio presentation only

KYA “Great American Music Machine” Jingle, 1974Audio presentation only

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    • Tell me how to get them to the site / i have toh talk over kliv san jose remastered in stereo and kara 80s package in stereo

    • Tell me how to get them to the site / i have toh talk over kliv san jose remastered in stereo and kara 80s package in stereo. Give me your email and i will send mp3 of each. My email is 1600kliv@gmail.com

  1. I would really enjoy hearing some jingles from KOFY-1050 in the mid 80’s. Just loved the 50s-60s rock n’ roll format and the jingles. DJs were great too. Good times and fond memories.

    • Joe, those were re-sings of an old PAMS package. I heard them on WABC growing up, and loved playing them on KOFY.

  2. Glorious! It has been excellent to hear PAMS packages in good quality. In 1974, our national easy listening station in the UK bought many cuts from the KNBR custom This is San Francisco but they weren’t a patch on the originals.

  3. I have some jingles and station IDs for KFOG, KYUU, KXXX (X100), and KITS (LIVE 105) and KOME.
    How can I contribute?

  4. I enjoyed listening to these jingles. I wanted to ask if anybody had all the jingles from 96.5 KOIT “Love songs After Dark” show 2000-2006? I believe KOIT was owned or run by Bonneville during that time. The jingles I remember played in between songs/commercials from 8:00PM-12:00AM weekdays. Thank you.

  5. KGO RADIO JINGLES! It’s so nice to hear the old KGO jingles pre-Dunbar and the news/talk format. The jingle song was actually the ABC signature which was used on the network trumpet ID and also on the national news intro. I’d never heard this KGO jingle package before. Thanks!

  6. Trying to remember a San Francisco radio station (KSFO?) morning show jingle from the 70s that I heard often when my mom drove us to school. All I remember is the jingle includes the phrase “good morning” in different languages, e.g., “bonjour bon ami”. Can you help refresh my memory?

    • LA,

      I believe that was Jim Lange’s daily ritual on KSFO – you can search him up here on the website.

      (If I’m wrong, somebody please correct me!)

      – DJ


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