Alex Bennett – KTIM Radio (San Rafael, California)

KTIM Radio, San Rafael
Ben Schwarzmann

Circa 1957

Young Alex Bennett at KTIM (Photo)
Young Alex Bennett at KTIM

Alex Bennett Promo Card (Image) A classic photograph of Bennett G. Schwarzmann, perhaps recently graduated from Drake High School, working in the studio of San Rafael’s KTIM (1510 AM) about 1957. Young Ben would grow up to become a radio legend, working at KILT in Houston (as James Bond) and at WMCA and WPLJ in New York before returning home to huge success at KMEL, The Quake (KQAK) and Live 105 (KITS) as the one and only Alex Bennett.

Alex Bennett at Sirius (2004 Photo) While at KTIM, Alex worked as Jerry Bennett (“Your Leader”), hosting the Saturday afternoon “Teen-Time” program. Following service in the Navy, which included duty with the Armed Forces Radio & Television Service in Hollywood, Alex toiled in Modesto at KFIV, and made stops in Oregon and Sacramento before heading to Houston in his Bond persona.

In 2004, Alex took his show to satellite, hosting a daily program on Sirius  (Channel 146, known as “Sirius Left”). He was elected to the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame in 2008.

SOURCES: KTIM photograph courtesy of Roy Trumbull. KTIM business card and Sirius photo courtesy of Alex Bennett.



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