KGO Radio 810, San Francisco:
The Complete Collection

San Francisco, California

Named Legendary Station of the Year by the Bay Area Radio Museum and Hall of Fame, 2010.



KGO 810 Radio Logo (2006)





jim-dunbar_kgo_c1978_x175w ronn-owens_kgo_2005_x175w jim-eason_kgo_1978_x

Art Finley

Jim Dunbar

Ronn Owens

Jim Eason


On The Air Sign (Image)

KGO Radio 810
San Francisco

The Sounds of San Francisco from the KGO Music Tower (1962):

A collection of popular tunes played on KGO, with descriptive vocal interludes by Les Crane. For more on this exhibit, please click here.

Russ Coughlin on KGO (March 8, 1971):

“Coglin” hosts the 11 PM hour on KGO, leading into a Howard K. Smith report on the American Information Network and local headlines, followed by Russ and two guests from the IRS. Courtesy of John Schneider.

KGO Newsbeat With Harv Morgan (Monday, April 12, 1971):

The 4 PM hour on KGO begins with news from American Information Radio, then continues with Harv Morgan anchoring the local newscast, which includes (amid numerous technical glitches) reports from Peter Cleaveland, George Ruge, Jack Hines, Lu Hurley (with traffic from the Hurleybird), Greg Jordan (KGO Sports), Jack Drees (ABC Sports) and Bill Furnell (business). Courtesy of John Schneider.

Jim Eason on KGO (April 1972):

…In which Mr. Eason finds an ad for men’s clothing more than slightly amusing. For the full story about what causes him to crack up, please click here.

Jim Eason on KGO (Undated; Circa 1970s):

An undated aircheck featuring Jim Eason on KGO. Courtesy of Barry Salberg.

Al “Jazzbeaux” Collins on KGO (Friday, February 6, 1976):

For more Jazzbeaux, please click here.

Art Finley interviews Bill Graham on KGO (Tuesday, May 9, 1978):

For more on this exhibit, please click here. Courtesy of the University of British Columbia (Art Finley Collection).

“Friday Night Rock Trivia” with Ronn Owens on KGO (June 1978):
Jim Dunbar, Ted Wygant and the KGO Morning News (Monday, May 3, 1982):

Plus “World News This Morning” from ABC with Joe Templeton on the first day of simulcasting on KGO AM 81 and FM 104 following the demise of KSFX (103.7 FM).

Jim Eason on KGO (March 3, 1994):

Jim interviews legendary jazz saxophonist Joe Henderson (1937-2001).

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Thomas Norman
Thomas Norman
7 May 2021 8:54 PM

I enjoyed listening to the Jim Eason show in the afternoon on KGO he liked Rosemary Clooney she was on his show a few times

David Cada
David Cada
30 September 2021 8:24 PM

I have been a KGO listener for many years. It is wonderful to hear these broadcast legends again. I Les Crane and Ira Blue are missing, however. Are any recordings available of these two favorites?

Steve Sybesma
Steve Sybesma
10 October 2021 5:51 PM

The second entry in the list “Jim Eason on KGO (Undated; Circa 1970s):” is actually from no earlier than 1982. Two TV series are mentioned in the aircheck (Cheers and Family Ties) which did not start until 1982.

Steve Sybesma
Steve Sybesma
10 October 2021 5:52 PM

My apologies..that was the 2nd Jim Eason aircheck in the list. 5th overall.

Steve Sybesma
Steve Sybesma
10 October 2021 6:05 PM

Regarding that 2nd Jim Eason clip, Perfect Strangers was mentioned and that started late 1986. Same with L.A. Law and Crime Story which was mentioned as a brand new series. I think the clip is from very late 1986 or early 1987. Crocker Bank and Wells Fargo are mentioned in same commercial. They merged earlier in 1986 than when this show aired. I would post the date of the aircheck as 1986/1987 unless someone can do better.

John M. Maunder
John M. Maunder
24 May 2022 6:19 PM

Jim had a young Hispanic lady reading the Emergency Broadcast System alert ( I heard only once) on his show. Does anyone know how to find that?
Listened to KGO for years.

John G.
John G.
29 May 2023 7:50 AM

Holy Christ… KGO and the rest of talk radio has changed.

There was a time people looked forward to listening to the radio, nowadays people have to be poked, cattle prodded, coerced to not only listen but to pretend to like any talk audio that is presented to us whether on the radio or on the internet!

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