Tom Campbell

Tom Campbell (KYA Photo)
Tall Tom Campbell on the KYA music survey for March 22, 1969

On The Air Sign (Image)

Tom Campbell on WONE/Dayton (Early February 1967?):

Before arriving in San Francisco, Tall Tom was the toast of the town in Dayton, Ohio. This great hour of TC was recorded by nine-year-old Paul Van House, perhaps in early February 1967, on his father’s Voice Of Music reel-to-reel tape deck from the line-out jack on a hi-fi (albeit mono) AM/FM radio.

Tom Campbell on KYA (August 27, 1968):
Tom Campbell on 1260 KYA (September 9, 1968):
Tom Campbell KYA Article (Image)
An article about Tom Campbell at 1260 KYA from Billboard (July 6, 1968)
Tom Campbell on 1260 KYA, February 22, 1969:
Tom Campbell and Bill Holley interview John Lennon on 1260 KYA, May 29, 1969:

For the full story behind this interview, please click here.

Tom Campbell on KNEW/91, December 1972:
Tom Campbell The Pitch Man – Spots Only!

Spanning the decades from the 1960s to the 2000s, Tom does classic spots for Mathew’s TV & Stereo, a Monkees concert at the Oakland Coliseum, Motor Music, Bimbo’s 365, Goodies Speed Shops, The Comfort Zone and Linder’s Furniture.



Special thanks to Mike Schweizer for providing several of the airchecks for this exhibit.


  1. I just heard Tom Campbell doing voice over on a TV commercial during the Dodgers game tonight. My goodness, he’s still got the best pipes in broadcasting after 55 years in the biz. Amazing! And this website is great. Thank you for all the impressive work you do here. 🙂


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