James Gabbert, BARHOF Class of 2006, a true Bay Area radio icon has shared an extensive collection of newspaper articles, correspondence and advertising chronicling his extensive career in Bay Area Broadcasting.

James Jeffrey Gabbert was born in Chico, Calif., in 1936. The son of a diplomat, Jim grew up in El Salvador, Paraguay, Argentina, and finally Costa Rica where he finished high school. At 17, Jim was ready to return to the U.S. and begin college. During his interviews at West Point and Annapolis, a radio station moved in next door to him in Central America. That was the end of his thoughts of military service or a Foreign Service career.

Jim began his illustrious career in radio by buying an hour of airtime on local radio, selling advertising and broadcasting in English. He played the latest stateside pop music of 1953 sent to him by his brother, then a West Point cadet.

Read more about James at Broadcast Legends. SEE THE GABBERT SCRAPBOOK (18MB PDF).



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