BARHOF 2023 Voting Has Ended. Inductees To Be Announced Saturday, July 22nd

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Voting for the Bay Area Radio Hall Of Fame Class of 2023 has ended, effective June 30th. Votes are being tabulated and the newest inductees will be announced at the Radio Day By The Bay event at the Bay Area Radio Museum in Alameda on Saturday, July 22nd.

Active members of the California Historical Radio Society and Broadcast Legends as of April 1, 2023, as well as previous inductees into the Bay Area Radio Hall Of Fame were eligible to vote.

The Class of 2023 will be honored at the Bay Area Broadcast Legends luncheon on Saturday, September 23rd at the Basque Cultural Center in South San Francisco. Reservation details will be announced soon.

These are the nominees for the Bay Area Radio Hall Of Fame Class of 2023:

Jeff Bell (KCBS)
Trish Bell (KBAY, KRTY, KSJO)
Tom Benner (KNEW, KSFO)
C.J. Bronson (KNBR)
Larry Brownell (KYA)
Sonny Buxton (KSFO, KCSM)
Clarence ‘Clancy’ Cassell (KCBS)
Sylvia Chacon (KYA, KFRC, KSFO, KIOI, KISQ)
Don Chamberlain (KNEW “California Girls”)
Larry Chiaroni (KCBS)
Bill Collins (KNEW)
Les Crane (KGO)
Gene D’Accardo (KNBR)
Jona Denz-Hamilton (KBAY, KLOK, KOME, KEEN)
Bob Foster (San Mateo Times Radio Columnist)
Jack Friday (KFRC, KIOI, KYUU)
Mercy Hawkes (KRQR)
Jack Hayes (KLIV, KYA, KNBR, KXRX)
Larry Ickes (KKIS, KOIT)
Bob Jones (KDIA)
Herb Kennedy (KSFO)
Curtiss Kim (KCBS, KNBR, KIOI, KSRO)
Frank Knight (KCBS)
Dick Leonard (KNBC, KCBS)
Irish Greg McQuaid (KFOG)
Brian Murphy (KNBR)
Sean O’Callaghan (KLOK, KYA, KLIV)
Stefan Ponek (KSFR, KSAN, KSFO)
Mike Powell (KSFO)
George Rask (Metro Traffic)
Jane Riley (KCBS)
Craig Roberts (KFAX)
Knowles Robertson (KNEW)
John Rothman (KGO)
Tim Roye (Warriors)
Liz Saint John (KCBS, Alice)
George Sampson (KLIV)
Richard Sands (KITS Live 105; Sands Report)
Sam Skinner (KDIA, Raiders)
Jeff Skov (KSFO)
Sly Stone (KSAN, KDIA)
Brian Sussman (KSFO)
Tom Tolbert (KNBR)
Jeffrey “JV” Vandergrift (Wild 94.9)
Kim Vestal (KLIV, KARA, KCBS)
Lloyd Lindsay Young (KGO, KFRC, KKSF)

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J Manson
J Manson
29 June 2023 10:56 AM

Irish Greg, are you kidding? He was annoying at best, and mostly angry. Um no to that one.

Rick Randell
Rick Randell
29 June 2023 11:00 AM

I strongly support Sylvia Chacon…listened to her nightly on KFRC…would call her request line from the hot tub.

Austin Tacious
Austin Tacious
Reply to  Rick Randell
7 September 2023 7:58 AM

Nope. Not going there…

Austin Tacious
Austin Tacious
28 July 2023 3:56 PM

Best inductee is Larry Brownell. Les Crane is another one who had great pipes. Lloyd Lindsey Young is a favorite, but he was mostly TV.
Yay, Tom Benner!
Is there another ‘Richard Sands’?