KFRC Radio, San Francisco
Blue Monday Jamboree
Artists and Staff


Left to Right, Seated: Dorothy Gillespie, Hostess; Merle Matthews, Production Manager; Mary Pasmore, violin; Thelma Brown, vocalist; Eleanor Allen, organ; Edna O’Keefe, vocalist and “O-woe-is-me” girl; Edna Fischer, piano; Ruth Clarke and Lila Clarke of the Clarke Sisters; Caltana Cristoph, vocalist; Jane Green, vocalist; Juanita Tennyson, soprano; Madelaine de Michel, accordion; Margaret O’Dea, contralto; Evelyn Sandberg, vocalist.

Second Row, Standing: Al Pearce as “Eb” (also Elmer Blurt); William H. Wright as “Zeb” (also Prof. Hamburg); Dick Richard, Asst. Production Mgr.; Norman Nielsen, tenor; Tommy Harris, vocalist; Herman Reinberg, cello; Mickey Gillette, saxophone; Chester Smith, guitar; Charley Ruud, clarinet; Betty Gibson as “Cynthia Doakes”; Hardy Gibson as “Joe Doakes”; Robert Olsen, tenor; Ronald Graham, Baritone; Victor Detweiler, 1st tenor, Buccaneers; Ray Nealan, 2nd tenor, Buccaneers.

Third Row, Standing on Steps: Monroe Upton as “Lord Bilgewater” (top hat and moustache); Harris Brown of “Murray and Harris”; Murray Boland of “Murray and Harris”; Friday Smith, bass violin (in front); Frank Moss, piano; David Tamain, viola (in front); Leon Kowalski, violin; John Hicks, trombone; Clyde Barlow, drums and “Axel”; Rudy Logar, flute; Gus Appel, oboe; Eugene Hawks as “Pedro.”

On Stairs, Left: Earl Eastman, saxophone; Louis Ford, Concert Master; R. Rosetti, violin; Robert Rourke, violin; Harrison Holliway, KFRC Manager and Master of Ceremonies.

On Stairs, Right (Reading Up): Meredith Willson, Musical Director; Richard McCaffrey, trumpet; Charley Jacobs, trumpet; Paul Roth, horn; Walter Hornig, horn.

Voices Out Of The Fog

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