Bernice Berwin


Bernice Berwin’s ambitions were always to be an actress. Her first experiences with drama were in student plays while attending the University of California at Berkeley. She first appeared on the radio during her college years, in dramatic productions on KGO. She headed for New York immediately upon graduation in 1923, but wasn’t there long before being called back to the Bay Area to play the feminine lead in the stage production of “Lombardi, Ltd.,” opposite Leo Carrillo, and with Edward Everett Horton in “Tailor-Made Man.”

Her work soon led her back to radio, this time with NBC in San Francisco in 1928. She was a regular actress on a number of programs, including “Jack and Ethyl” and “Memory Lane,” before being tapped by Carlton  Morse to play “Hazel Barbour” on “One Man’s Family,” a role she portrayed on radio from 1932 to 1960.

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