KRE Radio, Berkeley
Transmitter Building Interior


An interior view of the new KRE transmitter building on Ashby Avenue, taken in 1937, shows that all new equipment had been purchased.

According to former employee Bob Morrison, the station’s equipment was a source of pride to the operators. “Everything at the station, with the exception of tape and disk recorders and microphones, bore the Western Electric label,” he noted. “The control mike was a W.E. 633A, while all the studio mikes were RCA 44BX’s. We had several RCA 70C transcription turntables.”

The 250 watt Western Electric transmitter seen through the window was low level modulated with a Class “B” final. It was modified in the 1950’s with a custom bias supply, which provided better than 12 kc. of frequency response. Hi-fi fans who listened to KRE-AM on a good receiver could hear very little quality difference between the AM and FM signals. The station’s Western Electric 25B console was used for stereo broadcasts in the 1950s, and the stations transmitted one channel on AM, and the other channel on FM. KRE was one of the first stations in the country to broadcast in stereo.

Voices Out Of The Fog

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