BARHOF Class of 2018 Nominees Announced

BARHOF Class of 2014 (Photo)
The BARHOF Class of 2014

The Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame’s executive committee has announced the list of nominees for its Class of 2018.

The BARHOF Class of 2018 in the listed categories will be selected through a vote of current members of the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame. In addition, one nominee was selected for induction into BARHOF by the public in the “Legends” category as part of the voting for the Sherwood Award.

The honorees in the Pioneer and Management categories are selected by the Bay Area Radio Museum’s BARHOF executive committee. The honoree in the Engineering category is selected by Chapter 40 of the Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE40).

VOTERS: Voting instructions are being sent out via email on June 15. If you are a member of BARHOF and have not received your instructions, please contact us.

ANNOUNCEMENT: The BARHOF Class of 2018 will be announced on Saturday, July 21, at Radio Day By The Bay at CHRS Radio Central Alameda.

CEREMONY: The BARHOF 2018 celebration will be held on Saturday, October 13, at the Basque Cultural Center in South San Francisco. To make your reservation, please click here.

NOMINATIONS: The public is invited to enter nominations for BARHOF throughout the year. To view the criteria and make a nomination, please click here.

Here are the nominees for the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame’s Class of 2018:

Program Host

Scott Beach
Tom Benner
Tom Campbell
Sarah Clark
Bill Collins
Chris Edwards
Jack Friday
Jesus “Chuy” Gomez
Sue Hall
Buddy Hatton
Johnny Holliday
Larry Ickes
Jack Kulp
Lamont & Tonelli
Johnny Morris
Sean O’Callaghan
Stefan Ponek
Bob Ray
Dusti Rhodes
Mike Slavko (M. Dung)
Sly Stone
Kim Vestal
Paul “Lobster” Wells

Talk Show Hosts

Gene Burns
Les Crane
Craig Roberts
Ray Taliaferro
Bill Wattenburg


Helen Bentley
Jon Bristow
Larry Brownell
Clarence ‘Clancy’ Cassell
Gene D’Accardo
Herb Kennedy
Frank Knight
Dick Leonard
Mike Powell
Knowles Robertson
George Sampson
Jeff Skov


Ron Barr
Ken Dito
Ken Korach
Marty Lurie
Greg Papa
Tom Tolbert


Warren Boggess
Jane Dornacker
Bob Foster
Jude Heller
Jane Riley
Kenny Wardell


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17 June 2018 8:41 AM

Why is M. Dung not included?

mike patrick
mike patrick
18 June 2018 10:36 AM

Congratulations to all…….

Please identify in the photos…..