Andy Is Saving Our Radio History

Andrew Welburn (Photo)
Andrew Welburn

NEW AUDIO POSTED! Volunteer Andrew Welburn has finished digitizing hundreds of hours of newly-discovered Bay Area radio programming.

Soon we will add many of these shows to this site under the station categories, along with dates and information about their airing. Most of these rare audio archives have been buried in garages and attics and file cabinets, many of them airchecks saved in obsolete formats, like analog open reel.

At CHRS/BARM, we have an audio dubbing and transfer facility that allows dedicated volunteers like Andy to get them from tape to computer to server to your laptop, tablet, and smartphone.

Here is a partial list of new audio files:

KRE HeadHunters | KSAN Dope Show | Early KSAN | KSAN Gay Show | KOME 1981 Dennis Erectus | KOME 1982 | KSJO 1982 | KSAN Scoop News 1975 | Last KSAN Hours |


    • The museum’s staff is responsible for reviewing and selecting material for digitization. What do you have, Tom?

  1. I have hours and hours of KSFO from ’76-77. Not the best quality. But audible. Includes interviews of Pebble Beach players like James Garner. I was an early riser for Jim Lange, but there is Gene Nelson, Jazzbeau, John Gilliland, and more. I’d be glad to bring to Alameda. For a listen.

  2. Hi Andy,

    I worked in radio in the late 70’s in Oregon, Montana and finished in Las Vegas…I have a lot of jingles and promos on cart and would like to transfer them to CD or some audio format…can’t seem to find any stations with the old cart machines…I live in Las Vegas, but would ship anywhere as they are useless without a cart machine…any ideas?


    Ron Murphy

    also, what is the best and easiest way to transfer cassettes to CD or an audi format on a computer…my airchecks are over 40 years old and afraid glue on ends will come off with too much rewinding or fast forwarding