The 2018 Sherwood Awards

Don Sherwood (KSFO Photo)
Don Sherwood in the KSFO studio (Tom Houghton photo, circa 1960)

It’s time to vote for your favorite Bay Area radio personalities in the 2018 Sherwood Awards!

Don Sherwood (Photo)Named for the World’s Greatest Disc Jockey, Don Sherwood (BARHOF 2006), the awards are the “people’s choice” for most popular active personalities in the music and news/talk categories, and for induction into the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame in the Legends/Lifetime Achievement category.

Public voting in these categories will continue through June 1, 2018, and the Sherwood Award winners will be announced at this year’s Radio Day By The Bay event in Alameda on July 21, along with inductees in other categories, including Announcer, News, Management, Sports, Pioneer, and Specialty, which will be voted on by current members of the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame.

Voting has now ended.

The Sherwood Awards
2018 Nominees

Favorite Active Broadcaster (Music Format)
Favorite personality (individual or team) currently on the air at a Bay Area radio station.

Celeste Perry (K-FOX)
Chris Jackson (98.5 KFOX)
Chuy Gomez (Hot 105.7)
Dana Cortez (Hot 105.7)
Dana Jang (K-FOX)
Dianne Nicolini (KDFC)
Dick Conte (KCSM)
Fernando & Greg (99.7 Now!)
Gary Scott Thomas and Julie Stevens (KRTY)
Jack Kulp and Carolyn McArdle (98.1 The Breeze)
Jim Hampton (KKIQ/KKDV)
Jona Denz-Hamilton (94.5 Bay FM)
Lamont and Tonelli (107.7 The Bone)
Lisa St. Regis (98.1 The Breeze)
Nick and Kristen (KOIT)
Sana G (KMEL)
Sandy Stec and Marcus D (Star 101.3)
Sarah & Vinnie (Alice@97.3)
Sterling James (KBLX)
Tony Michaels (KLIV)
Wayne Coy (KKIQ)

Favorite Active Broadcaster (News/Talk/Sports Format)
Favorite personality (individual or team) currently on the air at a Bay Area radio station with a news, talk or sports format.

Brian Sussman (KSFO)
Craig Roberts (KFAX)
Damon Bruce (95.7 The Game)
Greg Papa (95.7 The Game; Oakland Raiders)
Jeff Bell and Patti Reising (KCBS)
Michael Krasny (KQED)
Murph & Mac (KNBR)
Ronn Owens (KGO)
Stan Bunger and Susan Leigh Taylor (KCBS)
Tom Tolbert and John Lund (KNBR)

Lifetime Achievement
Favorite personality (individual or team) no longer active (on the air) in Bay Area radio.

Buddy Hatton
Chris Edwards
Jack Carney
Johnny Holliday
M. Dung
Ron Reynolds
Scott Beach
Tom Campbell


PLEASE NOTE: You may cast only one ballot per day. Duplicate votes on the same day and votes from invalid email addresses will be automatically deleted.



  1. From day 1 I could tell that Marcus & Sandy’ s show could go from radio to a TV show!! They have a chemistry that entertains to all audiences, uplifting news (sometimes LOL), positive vibes appealing to a GREAT audience of listerners!!

    MARCUS & SANDY with ther producer, Jenna (as she fills in sometimes) ARE the team to beat !! They are NO 1 !!

    I listen to them almost everyday single day! Sally

  2. I voted a week ago and I haven’t gotten a confirmation. I want to make sure my vote gets counted. How long before receiving your confirmation? thanks.

    • Larry,

      Your vote was counted! There was a programming glitch in the notification — we were getting the messages instead of the voters.

      It has been fixed* and you will receive a notification next time you vote.

      Please scroll back up to the top of the page and vote again, if you haven’t already today.

      Thank you!


      * — Probably. You will probably get a notification. There are no guarantees.

    • Dear Mr. Jackson, I still haven’t received any confirmation of my votes, since my first vote from March 12. Has the glitch been fixed? I really want my vote counted. Thanks. Larry

  3. KBLX’s Sterling James is truly a radio legend. not only is Ms. James consummate professional, but for many years Sterling has been a friend, confident and source for information for Bay Area listeners on historic 102.9 KBLX The Soul of The Bay. It really is…

  4. Sterling James has been a bright star in SF radio for years. Her positive energy, music and SF area knowledge, and easy to listen to voice make her programming a delight.

  5. Brian is as much of early morning ritual as my early morning cup of coffee; Brian wakes me up and gets me started for my work day. Brian’s topic delivery is informative, engaging, and makes me think about about topic. Brian is a true conservative voice on the “left coast”.

    • Same here me and my wife hit I-80 west at 5:30am and listen to the morning show Brian & Katie it makes our day the best morning show not for liberals though.

      • Ditto for me too! Brian is informative and entertaining. Brian and Katie make a great tag-team duo. Katie has a great voice. I could listen to her recite the phone book. Love their whistle blower call-ins. Especially remember the guy who called in to say the new bridge was being built with substandard steel from China, then later a bridge section collapsed due to metal fatigue of one of the substandard pins. Was anyone at Cal Trans ever held accountable for that?

  6. Sterling James voice is number one second to none. Love her. She is always giving back to the community.

  7. Definitely Brian, Katie and Sheri morning show. Absolutely entertaining, engaging and funny. #hanguponmyself

  8. Dick Conte is a legend. And a great resource for history on jazz besides being a great guy! Winning combination I’d say!

    • I voted for Brian Sussman too. Great books refuting man made global warming with facts and real science. Disappointed Dr. MICHAEL SAVAGE wasn’t nominated though. Who does the nominations?

      • Aaron,

        As noted elsewhere on this page, nominations are made by the public and by the radio stations here in the Bay Area.

        Michael Savage doesn’t work in Bay Area radio. (His program is syndicated nationally out of Boca Raton, Fla., if I’m not mistaken.)

  9. Brian Sussman YOU ROCK and Katie and Sheri you guys are the best. Thanks for the laughs!!!
    btw…I don’t ever get any confirmation that I have voted?

  10. Brian Sussman is the most boring, lazy & never prepared person on air today. All he does is brag about his out of state listeners & diatribe about what he will be talking about next hour after repeating all other hours & even re-repeating on the next day. Unlistenable.

  11. Plus is it fair for KSFO to ask their listeners to vote over & over every day for Brian? Are the other prodcasters asking this of their listeners?

  12. Dick Conte fully deserves this award for his decades of support for Jazz Musicians with interviews and spins. Please vote for Dear Dick!

  13. Brian and Katie, super informative and entertaining at the same time. I’ve been listening to them for two years.

    • Susan and Stan are one of my daily votes. They give me ideas for MY show! I love their interviews.

    • Lee Rodgers is not on the Lifetime Achievement list because he was already inducted into the BARHOF Class of 2009. You can’t be elected into the Hall of Fame twice.

  14. I will NEVER forget Kelly and Kline on the old KWSS 94.5 in San Jose and also KXXX in San Francisco. THEY WERE HILARIOUS!! On more than one occasion, I almost got into an accident by laughing so hard!

    • Of course, Bill Kelly was a star on KEZR in San Jose for years with Marla Davies, probably his favorite gig of all, and we loved him!

  15. Votin for SUSS!! Brian (& his buddies – Katie & Sherry) are the BEST. They make my morning commute (to the belly of the beast) more than tolerable! Love him. I will now, and my comment.

  16. Vote for Jona Denz Hamilton BAY94.5 best daytime radio host. Listen to Jona’s one hour Countdown Show at noon Monday-Friday.

  17. I voted for Jona Denz-Hamilton. Jona is very involved in the community at large, loves her listeners and is very upbeat every day.

  18. Brian and Katy. I appreciate the news, the traffic ,current ” real news” each morning on my commute. Once in a while I get to listen to Brian on my way home when he helps out for a afternoon host who is off.

  19. KSFO… Brian Sussman and the gang best morning show I’ve ever heard!!! No FAKE news there!!! You guys are loved by many…

  20. I smile every time I see the photo of Don Sherwood at the top of the page.
    I idolized Don and used to get up very early and take a Greyhound bus from SSF to San Francisco to watch Don do his show at KSFO. He was the World’s Greatest Disc Jocky on The World’s Greatest Radio Station!

    • Nominations started for this year’s Sherwood Awards at the end of 2017, and were announced on our website and on Facebook and Twitter. In addition, local radio stations are invited to nominate members of their air teams.


  21. Brian Sussman KSFO! The KSFO morning show is a breath of fresh air and part of my morning routine. It has been extremely valuable, as I was feeling very alone and isolated in the Bay Area, where it isn’t safe to voice your opinions if they have a hint of conservative thought. I love Katie, Sheri, and Brother Brad as well!

    • Joshna,

      Ummm … what? I’ve gone through all of the comments from the past two months, and ONE comment — a spam ad for Levitra and Viagra — is the only comment that was deleted.

      We’ve had 121 out of 122 comments approved and posted.


  22. Brian and Katy..always interesting and funny…I will always listen in the morning and even if Brian is sublingual for Michael Savage!

  23. Brian Sussman!!! Love this show. Brian is funny but knowledgeable on subjects. If not, he loves the callers who have the knowledge.. Katie is also smart but her witt has us laughing a lot. Sheri is a wonder to put up with these 2. Great 3 people in San Francisco on the radio. Go Brian !!

  24. I have been listening to Brian and Katie for about 2 1/2 years now and they have a great morning show. Thank God for talk radio and thank you Brian and Katie for giving all of us they important information we need to know. It’s hard to find accurate information out there and these guys bring it. thanks guys for all you. ♥️