KLIV Radio, San Jose
Story Road Studio Building

Circa 1976

KLIV Radio San Jose Studio (Photo)

The studios, transmitter and business offices for KLIV radio in San Jose were housed in this building on Story Road near Lucretia Avenue in San Jose from 1946 until the late 1990s, when the studios and offices were transferred to a new complex located directly behind the old facility.

The marquee on the big “KLIV — Dial 16” sign (at left in the photo) reads “Satisfied Ear Has Got Your Rock,” referring to a popular local record store. (The “specks” in the sky above the building are not from dust on the photo; they’re the insulators connecting the guy wires to the station’s four transmitter towers.)

This building, which had been boarded up, was torn down around 2005; the spot where it stood was empty as of the Spring of 2007. The area around the station — once nothing but orchards — is now blocks of retail shops, restaurants and strip malls known popularly as the Little Saigon business district.

Please click here for photographs of KLIV in 2007.

KLIV Norman Sticker (Image)

SOURCE: David Ferrell Jackson photograph (Bay Area Radio Museum Collection).



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