KLIV Radio, San Jose
Story Road Studio Building
Summer 2007


The studios and business offices for KLIV and KRTY radio — as well as, at one time, previously-owned KARA — in San Jose moved to this building on Story Road near Lucretia Avenue in San Jose after the old KLIV building was torn down.

The new facility shown here is located directly behind the former building, which was torn down around 2005. In 2007, when the photograph (above) was taken, only a bare patch of ground remained where the old studio once stood (see below).

Please click here for photographs of KLIV in 1976.


ABOVE: The bare patch of dirt near the transmitter tower marks
the former location of KLIV’s original studio building on Story Road.


ABOVE: An aerial view of the KLIV/KRTY building in 2007. The studios and offices for
the stations are located in the large gray-roofed building (right-center), while the old
building previously stood on the empty patch of land (left-center) in the parking lot. Note
the shadows of the four KLIV transmitting towers located adjacent to the building.


KLIV and Empire Broadcasting owner Robert Kieve at his desk (1994).
Photograph courtesy of Kim Vestal

SOURCE: David Ferrell Jackson photographs (Bay Area Radio Museum Collection), except as noted.

Google Earth

Aerial photograph of KLIV from Google Earth.



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