John Lester

1590 KLIV, San Jose

Sunday, November 5, 1967

John Lester (KLIV Photo)
John Lester at KLIV in 1967

You may remember him best as a reporter on KGO-TV (Channel 7). But back in the 1960s, John Lester was a rock’n’roll disc jockey at KLIV (1590 AM) in San Jose.

KLIV, which has been on the air from San Jose since September 1946 — it was originally KSJO, a 1000-watt daytime-only station — changed hands on July 1, 1967 (four months before this broadcast) when it was acquired by two former Rochester, N.Y., radio executives, Robert S. Kieve and James M. Trayhern, Jr., who had incorporated as Empire Broadcasting.

Four decades later, Bob Kieve (BARHOF 2007) remained as the owner of KLIV, one of the few independent radio station owners left in the region.

This recording includes Gary Seger’s quick morning-show signoff, with a segue into John Lester’s midday shift on a crisp autumn Sunday in the Southbay.

On The Air Sign (Image)

John Lester at 1590 KLIV





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