KKIS 990, Pittsburg
Bill Plummer

March 1967

Bill Plummer (KKIS Photo, 1967)

Bill Plummer On Bill Plummer

My first employment at KKIS was in 1959 as a board operator for remotes, although I had done volunteer work on the station’s high school football broadcasts in 1958. This was part-time work.

After securing my first phone FCC license in 1959, I began work the following year at the station’s Collinsville transmitter site as a transmitter operator on weekends while attending college. I started as a disc jockey with a “middle of the road” music format on Sunday evenings in the spring of 1962 from the Collinsville studio.

With college graduation in June ’62, I entered broadcasting full-time doing the morning commute shift with an adult contemporary musical sound. This format evolved into the “KKIS Top 33 on 99” music.

A combination of low pay, working from the transmitter studio and a reluctance to leave Pittsburg, I quit the full-time position in 1963, returned to college for a teaching credential and worked as a weekend and vacation relief deejay until the music changed in the 1970s.

Employed as a teacher at Pittsburg High School since 1964, I continued as a part-time and weekend announcer off and on until 1982. At the school, I was the PA announcer for basketball and football.

In 1999, after 35 years in education, I retired and continue to live in Pittsburg.

On The Air Sign (Image)

Bill Plummer On The Air

Bill Plummer – Various Spot Reads, 1981 (5 minutes)

A series of promotional spots for local sponsors and events, recorded for KKIS and KDFM.

KKIS – Pittsburg High vs. Albany High Basketball (20 minutes)

Join Bill Plummer and Joe Albanese courtside for the action as the Pittsburg High Pirates take on the Albany High Cougars at Diablo Valley College Gym.

KKIS – Bill Plummer Jingles (10 seconds)


SOURCE: Bill Plummer Collection, Bay Area Radio Museum.



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