KKIS 990
Pittsburg, California

“Top 33 On 99” Newspaper

Week Ending June 21, 1966

KKIS Newspaper (Image)


The back page of the “K-KIS Top 33 On 99” survey-newspaper for June 21, 1966, includes a rare Captain Nite-Krawler cartoon by K-Kis Playboy Radio Ray Farrell (nom de radieux of Ray Lenhart), who would later have his airname changed to Bobby Ocean on the way to worldwide acclaim as a legend of Top 40 radio.

Also on the page is a self-congratulatory blurb about the station’s coverage of the June election, spearheaded by KKIS news director Art Douglas; an invitation to tune in to “Youth Forum” (Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m.), with moderator Ray Mossholder; and a teaser to catch the latest word on what’s happening in England from KKIS news reporter Amos Colgate when he returns from his current trip to Europe.

The survey of the Top 33 records being played on “Kay-Kis” this week, from the centerspread of this issue, may be viewed by clicking here.

Captain Nite-Krawler (Cartoon)

ORIGINAL SIZE: 8-1/2×11 inches.
NOTE: Not all pages included in this exhibit.
ADDITIONAL TEXT: David Ferrell Jackson.
SOURCE: Bill Plummer Collection, Bay Area Radio Museum.



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