Willard Radio Batteries
Ad From Radiocast Weekly

November 15, 1924

KJBS Willard Battery Ad (Image)

This print ad for Willard Radio Batteries, which appeared in San Francisco’s “Radiocast Weekly” magazine for November 15, 1924, actually predated the launch of the Julius Brunton & Sons radio station, KJBS, which would go on the air less than two months later. The Brunton firm — local operator of Willard Service Stations in The City — had used an amateur callsign, 6RY, for their five-watt station until it went commercial on January 3, 1925.

KJBS upgraded from its meager five watts to a still-puny 50 watts in 1927, but continued to grow until it became today’s KFAX, which broadcasts fulltime with 50,000 watts on 1100 kHz. from its transmitter plant in Hayward.

ORIGINAL SIZE: 6 inches x 8-1/2 inches.
SOURCE: Bay Area Radio Museum Collection.



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