KYA Radio 1260:
The Top 40 Collection

Part 2: The Seventies & Eighties
San Francisco, California

KYA Montage (Image)

KYA History Montage by David Jackson

On The Air Sign (Image)

San Francisco’s 1260 KYA

“Everything’s gonna be all right…”

Photo of John Hardy at 1260 KYA
John Hardy
Photo of Bwana Johnny at 1260 KYA
Bwana Johnny
Photo of Dean Goss (2005)
Dean Goss
Photo of Steve Jordan at KFRC (2006)
Steve Jordan


Chris Edwards on KYA, April 28, 1970 (1 hour):

Including news with John Ferriss, courtesy of Mike Schweitzer.

 Bwana Johnny and Pete McNeal on KYA, May 29, 1970 (1 hour) Presentation includes textAudio presentation onlyMS

Including news with Brad Messer and Larry Brownell

 Scott Thomas on KYA, June 6, 1970 (17 minutes) Audio presentation onlyMS

 Bwana Johnny on KYA, June 24, 1970 (98 minutes) Audio presentation onlyMS

Including news with Brad Messer

 Dave Stone on KYA, July 28, 1970 (1 hour) Audio presentation onlyMS

Dave’s in for Chris Edwards, in a broadcast that includes news with John Ferriss

 Bwana Johnny on KYA, November 11, 1970 (1 hour) Audio presentation onlyMS

Including Larry Brownell with the news, plus a Dave McElhatton commercial for the Ford Pinto (listen for it a bit more than 16 minutes into the recording).


 John Hardy on KYA, June 20, 1972 (10 minutes) Audio presentation onlyAM

Courtesy of Alan McPeek of Tape-It Productions, Knoxville, Tenn., who made this classic recording during a 1972 vacation to the Bay Area.

 Bill Holley and Russ McDonald on KYA, September 7, 1972 (2 hours) Audio presentation onlyMS

Including news with Tony Tremayne


 Randy Curtis on KYA, August 19, 1973 (1 hour) Audio presentation onlyMS


 Dean Goss on KYA, January 1974 (1 hour) Fair-to-poor audio qualityAudio presentation onlyDJ

Including news with Don West

 Mark Taylor and Steve Jordan on KYA, February 1974 (1 hour) Audio presentation onlyMS

Including news with John Ferris

 Bill Holley on KYA, February 9, 1974 (1 hour) Audio presentation onlyMS

Including news with John Ferris

 “Michael Spears” on KYA, October 13, 1974 (1 hour) Presentation includes textAudio presentation onlyDJ

Featuring an obvious imposter calling himself “Michael Spears” — who could it possibly be? — and including news with Don West.


 Various Jocks: The KYA Mix Tape, July 13, 1977 (45 minutes) Audio presentation onlyEdited (telescoped) recording.MS

Including Steve Jordan, Neil Ross (a/k/a “Natural Neil”) and Michael O’Connor in a classic partially ‘scoped broadcast recording.


 Candi Chamberlain on KYA-FM (February 24, 1979; 1 hour) Audio presentation onlyMS

 Joe Michaels and Citizen Bill Carpenter on KYA, April 30, 1979 (3 hours) Audio presentation onlyMS

Including news with Greg Jarrett, later of KGO Newstalk 810. “Citizen Bill” is the nom de radieux of Steve Taylor.

 Rick Scott on KYA, April 30, 1979 (3 hours) Audio presentation onlyMS


 AT40 and Paula Kelly on Easy Rock KYA-FM 93.3, May 31, 1981 (3+ hours) Audio presentation onlyMS

IN STEREO! Casey Kasem counts down the ten biggest-selling hits of the week at the tail end of American Top 40, followed by a Sunday evening of easy rock hits with Paula Kelly. You may also listen to the final fifteen minutes of KYA-FM’s broadcast day separately, leading to the station’s midnight sign-off.


 1260 KYA Becomes KOIT-AM, December 12, 1983 (90 minutes) Audio presentation onlyMS

The final 45 minutes of the original KYA on 1260 under the ownership of King Broadcasting, featuring Paula Kelly and J. Parker Antrim and a medley of memorable KYA jingles from the previous 25 years, followed (after a few brief delays) by the first 45 minutes under the ownership of Bonneville International as easy listening KOIT. This recording parallels the final moments of 560/KSFO as the property of Golden West Broadcasting, which became the property of King Broadcasting at midnight on December 13, 1983.


Presentation includes textAudio presentation only— Exhibit includes text and audio. Audio presentation only — Exhibit includes audio.
Fair-to-poor audio quality — Fair-to-poor audio quality. Edited (telescoped) recording. — Edited (telescoped) recording.
AM — Courtesy of Alan McPeek.
DJ — Courtesy of David Ferrell Jackson.
MS — Courtesy of Mike Schweizer.




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