Norman Davis as Lucky Logan

1260 KYA
San Francisco

Monday, May 23, 1960

Lucky Logan (1958 Photo)

Lucky Logan Letter (Image)


June Wilkinson
June Wilkinson

Norman Davis, working under the nom de radieux of Lucky Logan, goes against station policy and welcomes June Wilkinson and Douglas Fowley, the star and producer-director, respectively, of the new motion picture “Macumba Love,” to the KYA microphone.

The impromptu visit lands Lucky in hot water with his boss, KYA program director Chris Lane, who reprimands him with a stern memo (copy above):

Last night on your show from 9:00 o’clock to approximately 9:15 you interviewed June Wilkinson, live, on the air. This was not only a bad sound on the air but also against station policy.

There are no interviews, live, taped or otherwise on KYA. On top of this you took it upon yourself to do said interview without any inquiry of the Program Director or the Station Manager as to whether you could in this case or not. The segment was not logged at the time of broadcast as a commercial segment, as the FCC has ordered done on any material that has commercial content.

This is the second memo in the span of a week or so calling your attention to station policy and incorrect handling and presentation of your show.

Shape up.


Despite the reprimand, Norman Davis maintained a successful career in broadcasting locally, later appearing on KSFO, KTIM, KSAN, KKCY and KMPX in the Bay Area before he departed for New Mexico.

In 2008, his syndicated “Midnight Flyer” program was picked up by San Francisco’s K-You Radio (KYCY 1550 AM). KYCY was the direct descendant of the first Top 40 station in the city, KOBY, where Norman (as “Al Knight”) originally debuted on the local airwaves.

Norman Davis was elected into the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame in 2014.

Most famous for her numerous appearances in Playboy in the late 1950s and early 1960s, June Wilkinson had one other local connection: In 1973, she married Dan Pastorini, the Santa Clara University quarterback who went on to fame in the NFL with the Houston Oilers and Oakland Raiders.

On The Air Sign (Image)

Lucky Logan: The “Macumba Love” Interview on KYA (May 23, 1960)

Lucky welcomes June Wilkinson and Douglas Fowley into the KYA studio to discuss their new movie, “Macumba Love.”

Even More Lucky Logan on KYA (May 23, 1960)

BONUS COVERAGE! After his guests depart, Lucky Logan continues to feel the glow from June Wilkinson’s visit as he spins more rock’n’roll platters on KYA.

SOURCES: Lucky Logan audio, memo and photograph courtesy of Norman Davis.



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Dewey Gill
Dewey Gill
19 September 2020 9:39 PM

We were blessed to have Lucky in Milwaukee before he departed for the Bay area

Carl Schnabl & Renee Schilling
Carl Schnabl & Renee Schilling
2 February 2021 3:16 PM

He had a theme song, can anyone remember the words.

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