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Giants vs. Dodgers

Saturday, September 27, 1969

The 1969 campaign is winding down and, along with it, so is the first season of divisional play in the major leagues. On the final weekend of September, the Giants are taking on the Dodgers with three games in Los Angeles before returning home to Candlestick for three games against the new San Diego Padres.

giants_arch-logo_1958_200wWith the game being televised back to the Bay Area on KTVU (Channel 2), the Giants have added Bill Rigney to their radio crew. Rigney, an Eastbay native and the Giants’ first manager when they arrived from New York in 1958, had managed the Angels from their entry into the American League in 1961 until being fired earlier in the 1969 season by Haloes owner Gene Autry, who, coincidentally, was also the owner of the flagship station on the Giants’ radio network, KSFO (560 AM).

With Russ Hodges and Lon Simmons taking turns on the telecast, equal opportunities to call the radio play-by-play are given to Rigney and the Giants’ regular third man in the booth, Bill Thompson.

This incomplete recording of the game is edited into small sections, and includes Simmons and Rigney opening the broadcast; Hodges calling the fourth inning; Thompson describing the action in the sixth; and Rigney soloing in the eighth.








Please click above to hear the four edited segments of the game broadcast, or click below to hear the individual sections:Fair recording quality

Part 1: Game Opening (Lon Simmons and Bill Rigney)

Part 2: Fourth Inning (Russ Hodges)

Part 3: Sixth Inning (Bill Thompson)

Part 4: Eighth Inning (Bill Rigney)




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