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KRE Transmitter Building

Berkeley Aquatic Park



KRE Building (1999 Photo)
The KRE Building in Berkeley during the late 1990s, prior to its facelift as a radio museum

Here is how the KRE Building appeared in November 1999, as viewed from the Ashby Avenue freeway overpass. The building was unoccupied except for the AM transmitters that broadcast from the new tower. The grounds are enclosed by cyclone fence and heavy vegetation, but this did not stop graffiti artists from leaving their mark on this once proud building.

In 2003, an agreement was reached between Inner City Broadcasting, owners of the building, and the California Historical Radio Society (CHRS). CHRS restored and maintained it as a clubhouse and radio museum. The updated photo (below) was taken in 2006 and shows the finished paint job.

After many years at the KRE building, CHRS later purchased its own building, dubbed “Radio Central,” in Alameda. For more information about CHRS and the Radio Central project, visit their web site at CaliforniaHistoricalRadio.com.

KRE Radio Building (2006 Photo)
The KRE Radio building in 2006


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