Radio Station KRE, Berkeley

Transmitter & Control Room


KRE Control Room (Photo)

After Art Westlund leased KRE from the First Congregational Church in Berkeley in 1930, he constructed new studios in Oakland. However, evening broadcasts continued to be made from the church until 1933. This small room, located behind the pipe organ, was the combined studio and transmitter room for the station. After 1933, all programs originated in the Glenn-Connolly Building in Berkeley, and the studio equipment seen here was used only in emergencies.

This photo was taken in 1935, after KRE increased power to 250 watts. Shown are the station’s 100-watt DeForest transmitter and a 250-watt homebrew linear amplifier. The control desk has a small homemade audio mixer, two turntables and a condenser microphone. On top of the console is a small set of hand chimes that could be struck by the announcer when making station announcements. The Jenkins and Adair audio panels are located to the right of the operator. Note the F.C.C. licenses of all the KRE operators, hanging in frames above the audio panels.

All transmitting equipment was moved to 601 Ashby Avenue in 1937.

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