The KNBC Franklin Antenna

Under Construction
Belmont, California


KNBC Franklin Tower (Photo)
KNBC’s Franklin transmitter tower goes up in Belmont.

In this photo, the first few sections of KNBC’s new Franklin antenna are being set into place at the transmitter site in Belmont. The concrete building at right will house the new antenna tuning unit.

The large tower (left of center in the background) is one of the original two 1933 KPO “flat-top” antenna towers; the other one was toppled to make room for the new tower.

The old tower is being used as the temporary antenna while the new tower is under construction, and it will become the standby tower for KNBC when the new tower is complete. (Both towers are still in use today.)

In the far distance can be seen several of the towers of the General Electric shortwave station, KGEI, which operated adjacent to the KPO/KNBC/KNBR site for many years.

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