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Doc Herrold’s San Jose
Broadcasting Station

Circa 1912

Doc Herrold Radio Station (1912 Photo)

The “Arc Fone” radio station in the Garden City Bank Building of San Jose, about 1912. Charles D. “Doc” Herrold is standing in the doorway.


  1. It’s also known that they ran a portable station out of 1065 Bird Ave. San Jose. I lived there from 91-97 and I as well as neighbors could hear a humming coming from different areas on the property. There was a train track that ran behind the property that had been there unused for many years. It’s now all known as Iris Garden Ct. And a walking path is in place of the tracks. The house is no longer there.

    • LaDema,

      What could the humming have been? By 1990, the station would not have been at that location for about sixty years, and – if there had been a portable transmitter there – the batteries would have been drained for nearly six decades.



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