Bay Area Radio Schedule
Oakland Tribune
February 3, 1974


If you could go back in time to this Sunday in February 1974, you would be able to tune in to George Oxford — no longer Jumpin’ — on KDIA at noon, or Doug Pledger “At The Opera” at 6 p.m. on KKHI. Dr. Willard Wattenburg might take your phone call from 1 to 4 p.m. on KGO, or you could spend your morning listening to Scott Beach with KSFO’s “Sunday Sounds” or Bobby Ocean playing the hits on KFRC.

Monday’s truncated schedule (the Trib was still an afternoon paper during the week at this time) offered listeners the choice to wake up with Jim Lange (KSFO), Jim Carson (KFRC), Frank Dill (KNBR) and Ron Reynolds (KNEW), among others, with Jim Dunbar (KGO), Gene Nelson (KSFO), Mike Cleary (KNBR), Bobby Ocean (KFRC), Don Chamberlain (KNEW) and Ron Wolfe (KRE) to choose from for the remainder of the morning.

SOURCE: Bay Area Radio Museum Collection.


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