kre carter b. smith 1962

KRE 1400, Berkeley
Carter B. Smith


Carter B. Smith at work in the KRE (1400 kc.) studios in Berkeley in 1962.


San Francisco-born Carter Blakemore Smith, educated at San Francisco State College, got his start in local radio as an intern at KSAN (1450 kc.) in the mid-1950s. He advanced to Berkeley’s KRE a few years later, then parlayed his experience into a role as sidekick, foil and substitute for Don Sherwood at KSFO. Always a listener favorite, he later moved on to KNBR, KFRC (in its Magic 61 incarnation) and KABL.

Carter B. Smith was elected to the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame in 2007.

SOURCE: California Historical Radio Society Collection, with special thanks to Art Lebermann, Roy Trumbull and Steve Kushman.



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