Don Chamberlain

San Francisco Chronicle Obituary

February 26, 1992


Don Chamberlain was a pioneer of the radio “sex talk” genre with his groundbreaking “California Girls” program on KNEW/910. The program, which debuted in 1972, was part of an explosion of talk shows that mixed healthy amounts of pop psychology and frank sexual discussion; Bill Ballance’s “Feminine Forum” echoed “California Girls” on Los Angeles’ airwaves.

Mr. Chamberlain left radio to earn his master’s degree in psychotherapy in the 1980s and opened his own practice in Walnut Creek. He died of cancer at the age of 64 on February 26, 1992.

KNEW/91 – Don Chamberlain After Dark (Undated; Circa 1973)

“Uncle Don” on his other talk show on KNEW, “Don Chamberlain After Dark,” a bit more inclusive than his female-centered “California Girls” program.



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Patricia Lirou
Patricia Lirou
19 August 2019 6:32 PM

Correction his Psychotherapy practice was in San Francisco not Walnut Creek
Trish Lirou

David Brown
David Brown
28 April 2020 12:03 PM

Who was the woman who was Don’s producer on California Girls that also worked as his sidekick on the show? Their chemistry was great and she really complemented the show.

Russell Mann
Russell Mann
Reply to  David Brown
26 February 2021 9:05 PM

I believe that was Susan Holmen, She met Don when she was working in public television in Redding in 68, 69 as a fresh out of college intern. After a stint in marketing with the Oakland Oaks basketball team, she reconnected with Don and worked with him on California Girls.

Bob Phillips
Bob Phillips
24 September 2021 7:25 PM

I remember Don from KVIP in Redding. First time I heard Dave Brubeck “Take Five.”

14 November 2023 7:40 AM

i remember Don from the late sixties.. I was a fashion wanna-be seamstress, and he wanted to collaborate making leather hippie fringie vests.. we made a few samples, and he was trying to get Neiman Marcus to buy them… I was overwhelmed with the whole thing, and I dont recall if he ever found someone else to sew them or whatever became of him…. but he was a great guy.

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