KJBS Radio, San Francisco
Ad From Broadcast Weekly

August 3, 1930

KJBS Print Ad (1930)

This print ad, which appeared in “Broadcast Weekly” magazine for the week of August 3-9, 1930, was directed toward “Mr. Advertiser,” rather than the potential listeners who purchased this edition for the program schedules and information about their favorite radio stars.

At this time, KJBS was relegated to broadcasting only during “specified hours” under its license from the Federal Radio Commission, which required it to sign off at local sunset (7:15 p.m. at the time of this publication) and remain silent until returning to the air at midnight in order to protect the signal of WTAM, the 50,000-watt NBC station in Cleveland.

Not noted in the advertisement is KJBS’s frequency — 1070 kilocycles (or 280.2 meters) — and the station’s meager power, which was only 100 watts at the time. KJBS became today’s KFAX, which broadcasts fulltime with 50,000 watts on 1100 kHz. from its transmitter plant in Hayward.

ORIGINAL SIZE: 6 inches x 9 inches.
SOURCE: Bay Area Radio Museum Collection.




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