The KYA Radio Oneders

O’Callaghan, Hider and Holliday

Team Photo, 1966

1966 KYA Oneders (Photo)
Sean O’Callaghan, Ed Hider and Johnny Holliday of your 1966 KYA Oneders.

KYA Oneders (left to right) Sean O’Callaghan, Ed Hider and Johnny Holliday strike a pose for the press before rolling over another faculty opponent.

SOURCE: Bay Area Radio Museum Collection, courtesy of Johnny Holliday.




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Dorene J. Stamper
Dorene J. Stamper
1 January 2022 3:59 PM


The old saying goes, as we grow older we also grow wiser. Or at least we hope that is the case. For the longest time I have beat myself up over something I had said to a DJ on KEEN while live on the air. Who was it? I believe it may well have been Sean O’Callaghan, back in 1975.

Back then I always listened to KEEN, and was teased by some of my friends over this. As they put it, you are listening to old people’s music. Wow, was that all it took to actually hurt my pride? Now days I would laugh it off, and suggest that they start listening to music that actually made sense. But not back then.

You see I had just won two free tickets to a concert, and while on the phone the DJ said, “Dorene, where have you been? We haven’t heard from you for some time now.” And what did I blurt out? “You’re not the only radio station I listen to!” What a lie!!!! KEEN was the ONLY radio station I tuned to. The poor DJ didn’t know what to say, and I didn’t know how to take it back, so I said nothing to ease his pain.
For years I’ve used this as a lesson on how to conduct my life. I swore that I would never again cause embarrassment to anyone, and I have tried to live up to this vow.

Today, the first day of 2022, my thoughts floated back to that dreadful day, and how I wish I could apologize to him for the harm I had done. But I couldn’t remember the radio call letters, or even the DJs name. That is until now. When typing in ‘KEEN Radio, San Jose, CA’ on my computer, I was surprised to see your website. There before me was the call letters KEEN and the name of Sean O’Callaghan. The name hit a familiar note, and the call letters were right. Thank you.

If it was Sean O’Callaghan that had to endure the unkind words of a thoughtless young woman, or if it were another, could you please pass this on to him? “I’m very sorrow for what I said to you, and please forgive me.”

Sincerely, Dorene Stamper AKA back then, Dorene Giordano

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