Gary Mora
James Brown

93.3 KYA-FM
San Francisco

February 15, 1986

James Brown (Photo Circa 1986)
James Brown

The scheduled guest on Gary Mora’s show on San Francisco’s 93 KYA-FM is a bit late – but James Brown, the Godfather of Soul, will join us … as soon as we can wake him up!

At this time, 93 KYA-FM is the sister station of KSFO (560 AM) under the ownership of King Broadcasting, with studios at 300 Broadway in San Francisco.

On The Air Sign (Image)

Gary Mora
93.3 KYA-FM

Gary Mora interviews James Brown on 93 KYA-FM (February 15, 1986):


Gary Mora at KYA (Photo)
Gary Mora at KYA in 1986

Bonus Tracks

Gary Mora interviews Hank Ballard on 93 KYA-FM (December 1986):

Gary Mora spins those Oldies But Goodies on 93 KYA-FM, with a guest appearance by Hank Ballard, composer of “The Twist.”

Gary Mora on 93 KYA-FM (Late December 1986):

It’s getting close to Christmas, and Gary is sitting in for Celeste Perry, with Eddie Bear and Kim Wonderley helping out in the studio.


KYA It's A Party Promo (Image)
A promo poster for KYA-FM featuring Gary Mora, Jeff Clarke, Celeste Perry, Linda McInnes and Amir Mansbacher (Circa 1986)