94.5 KWSS Radio:

Gilroy/San Jose, California

KWSS Radio Staff Photo (January 1983)

PHOTO: The original KWSS staff and management team, photographed at the El Paseo de Saratoga shopping center in January 1983, shortly after taking over control of the station. (It had been the world-famous KFAT 94½ prior to coming under new ownership.)

Jim Duncan, who served as chief engineer at both KFAT and KWSS, provided this photograph, which includes general manager Palmer Pyle (second from left, in baseball cap), program director Dave Van Stone (sixth from left, next to the woman on the W), morning duo Bill Kelly and Al Kline (peeking through the S’s), receptionist Shirley Sanchez (second from right) and sales manager Dayton Philips.

The station became KUFX (“K-Fox”) on March 4, 1991, and is currently KBAY.

On The Air Sign (Image)

KWSS 94.5 FM

John Mack Flanagan and Barry Beck on KWSS, February 12, 1988

Plus Shelby Sweeney with traffic. Courtesy of George Junak of California Aircheck.

Tim Anthony on KWSS, March 1991

Courtesy of Tim Anthony.

Special thanks to Jim Duncan, George Junak of California Aircheck and Tim Anthony for their generous assistance in creating this tribute to the legendary KWSS!

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