KSFO Charlie Arlington Oct 30-1944

KSFO, San Francisco
Charlie Arlington
Monday, October 30, 1944

“People smartly dressed, with someplace to go…”


Charlie Arlington debuts his weekly program from San Francisco’s Golden Gate Theater, on Market Street at Taylor, with Joe Reichman — “The Pagliacci of the Piano” — as his first musical guest.

Charlie Arlington in the 1970s.
Charlie Arlington in the 1970s.

The program, presented by clothier Oliver K. Holden, is a lively blend of music, interview and social news from around our fair city. This fifteen-minute broadcast, which was probably taken from an electrical transcription disc, is hampered slightly by skips near the conclusion of the recording.

Few resources are available to trace Arlington’s early career, although he was well known as an announcer on the “March Of Time” and Pathé newsreels. While headquartered in San Francisco during World War II with the Office of War Information, he made hundreds of news broadcasts to the Pacific Theater, which may have led to this program with KSFO.

A graduate of Syracuse University, Charles Arlington (1905-1989) was perhaps better known for his work in news at radio stations in Southern California, particularly at Top 40 KFWB/Los Angeles during the 1960s. He also worked KBBQ, KLAC and KMPC in Los Angeles. While at KFWB, he was named announcer of the year by the Los Angeles Times in 1965.



Charlie Arlington on KSFO (October 30, 1944; 16 minutes)


The Bay Area Radio Museum gratefully acknowledges Don Barnett’s L.A. Radio People as a source for background information included in this exhibit.





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Steven Gysler
14 November 2021 6:44 PM

Charlie Arlington also did 15 minute radio spots for The California National Guard (KSFO?) featuring Eddie Skrivanik and his Sextette From Hunger circa 1950. His shows can be heard on YouTube. Just search “Sextette From Hunger …series…”

Bob Slate
Bob Slate
Reply to  Steven Gysler
15 March 2023 11:20 AM

Was he also the Announcer on “The Cisco Kid” Radio Show in Los Angeles area from 1946 to the early 1950’s?