Pioneer R&B and Soul Radio:

KSAN 1450 (c. 1955-1964)
KSOL 1450 (1964-1970)

San Francisco, California

KSAN July 1963 Survey (Image)


For a detailed history of San Francisco’s KSAN and KSOL at 1450 on the AM dial, please click here.


On The Air Sign (Image)

KSAN and KSOL 1450 On The Air

1955: Jumpin’ George Oxford on KSAN 1450 (1955; 30 minutes):

For more information about this recreated version of a Jumpin’ George program from 1955, please click here.

1958: KSAN 1450 “Most In Rhythm & Blues” Jingle (Circa 1958; 30 seconds):
1960: The Burner (Bill Mercer) on KSAN 1450 (December 15, 1960; 2 minutes):
1960: John Hardy/Rockin’ Lucky Show Transition on KSAN (Dec. 16, 1960; 1 minute):
1963: Mike Dix as Jumpin’ George on KSAN (June/July 1963; 34 minutes) 
1965: Jim Titus as John Henry on KSOL (October and December 1965; 13 minutes):

In this composite from a random Saturday in October (two recording periods) as well as December 4 (also a Saturday), John Henry — “The Soul Drivin’ Man” — plays the latest hits from the KSOL Soul 45 survey. John Henry would later work under his real name, Jim Titus, at KGFJ in Los Angeles, and as a newsman at NBC’s KNBR and KNAI in San Francisco. An excerpted news report by Jackson King is also included in the recording, which was provided to us by Dave Billeci.

1966: Doctor Soul on KSOL 1450 (Circa 1966; 30 minutes):

A half-hour of Doctor Soul on KSOL, courtesy of Ben Fong-Torres.

1966: KSOL 1450 “Swingin’ Soul Brothers” Jingle (Circa 1966; 15 seconds):
1966: Charlie Brown on KSOL (July 12, 1966; 11 minutes) 
1967: Sly Stone and Ronnie Dark (Johnny Morris) on KSOL Soul 145 (March 29, 1967; 1 hour):

— Link to exhibit elsewhere on this website.
Scoped (edited) version— Edited/scoped aircheck.
Fair-to-poor audio quality — Fair-to-poor audio quality.
DB — Courtesy of David Billeci.
BFT — Courtesy of Ben Fong-Torres.



  1. Hi, I’m Giovanni Lorenzi an Italian radio amateur with IT9TZZ call I want to know if you have transmitted with the abbreviation KSOL in shortwave of 9670 kHz on April 25, 2021 at 1500 UTC and that is your email address to send a reception report. Thanks for your attention and 73

    • Mr. Lorenzi,

      That wasn’t us. I have replied to you directly via email with additional information.


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