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KNEW Oakland Program Schedule (Image)
KNEW Programming Schedule (December 1978)

 On The Air Sign (Image)


Joe Dolan interviews former FBI agent Bill Turner about his personal investigation into the assassination of President John F. Kennedy:


Van Amburg interviews the noted attorney Melvin Belli regarding his thoughts on the assassination of President Kennedy and the possible whitewash of facts in the Warren Commission report:


Lyons & Reynolds: The Sinatra Special on KNEW (May 1970; 50 minutes) Exhibit includes audioRR

Ron Lyons and Ron Reynolds wrap up KNEW’s 24-hour salute to Old Blue Eyes. You may also listen to Part 2 of the broadcast separately.

Part 2 of the KNEW Sinatra Special:


Rick Cimino, Ron Reynolds & Lloyd Walters on KNEW (Oct. 29, 1970; 64 minutes) Exhibit includes audioJS

A fun morning on personality-formatted “Ninety-Wonderful KNEW” as Cimino wraps up his wake-up show and hands the reins to Reynolds at 10 o’clock. Also includes a newscast with Barney Lee and a brief PSA voiced by afternoon personality Ron Lyons, who is noted as being absent from the airwaves due to a throat malady. About 30 minutes in, listen for a promo for the upcoming Raiders-Chiefs broadcast featuring the voice of Bill King.

Late in the recording, a jump cut puts us into the afternoon shift, with Lloyd Walters sitting in on ‘NEW for Lyons, ending with an abridged version of the Ron Baker Edition of KNEW news:


Tom Campbell on KNEW (December 1972; 6 minutes) Exhibit includes textExhibit includes audioMS

Ron Lyons on KNEW (December 1972; 6 minutes) Exhibit includes audioMS

1974          California Gold Ends on KNEW (June 30, 1974; 1 hour) Exhibit includes textExhibit includes audioMS

1975         Bill Collins on KNEW Country (c. 1975; 11 minutes) Exhibit includes audioEdited (scoped) aircheckJW

Including excerpts of a Knowles Robertson newscast.

1978         Bob Guerra on KNEW Country (September 11, 1978; 20 minutes) Exhibit includes audioDJ

1997         Tom Benner on KNEW Country (September 12, 1997; 47 minutes) Exhibit includes audioMS

Frank Terry on KNEW Country (September 12, 1997; 5 hours) Exhibit includes audioMS

Richard Ryan & Sully Roddy on KNEW Country (Sept. 12, 1997; 2+ hours) Exhibit includes audioMS

The final day of live, local Country Music programming on KNEW before the station switches to a satellite feed. The recordings heard here, in brilliant AM Stereo, represent more than seven consecutive, uninterrupted hours of the station’s actual broadcast day.

Notable during Frank Terry’s last shift are phone calls from a variety of Bay Area broadcasting legends, including Bill Collins (about 2 hours and 55 minutes into the recording), Bob Gowa (at about 3:20), Ed Leslie (about 3:35), Craig Bowers (4 hours in), and John Catchings (about 4:44), plus an in-studio visit from Carter B. Smith and Mike Cleary from co-owned KABL (about 4:15).

1998          Sammy The Psychic on KNEW and K101 (August 25, 1998; 30 minutes) Exhibit includes audioMS

The first simulcast of KNEW and KIOI under the joint ownership of Clear Channel.

Exhibit includes textExhibit includes audio — Exhibit includes text and audio. Exhibit includes audio — Exhibit includes audio.

Fair-to-poor audio quality — Fair-to-poor audio quality. Edited (scoped) aircheck — Edited (scoped) aircheck.

DJ — Courtesy of David Ferrell Jackson.
 — Courtesy of John Schneider.
 — Courtesy of Jackson Weaver.

MS — Courtesy of Mike Schweizer.

RR — Courtesy of Ron Reynolds.




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