Bill Holley

KOIT 93.3 FM
San Francisco

Sunday, August 29, 1971

Texas-born Bill Holley hosts the automated Country Music format on San Francisco’s 25,000-watt KOIT (93.3 FM) in this excellent stereo recording from the Summer of 1971. Holley, who was also a disc jockey at co-owned KYA (1260 AM), served as KOIT’s signature voice and station director, a position he had held since 1969.

Bill Holley at KYA (Circa 1970)
Bill Holley at KYA (Circa 1970)

KOIT went on the air in January 1959 as KYA-FM, duplicating the Top 40 music programming of its sister AM. In September 1966, the stations were acquired by Avco Broadcasting of California, and KYA-FM was rechristened as KOIT.

Howard Kester was named general manager of KYA and KOIT in February 1967, at which time KOIT was programming a Progressive Rock format. In mid-1970, KOIT’s format was changed to a mainstream Country & Western music format.

Bill Holley, a cousin of rock’n’roll icon Buddy Holly (born Charles Hardin Holley), broke into radio at KSST (1230 AM) in Sulphur Springs, Texas, in 1958, while in his sophomore year at East Texas State College in Commerce.

Commerce Daily Journal, March 6, 1958
Commerce Daily Journal,
March 6, 1958

In the early 1960s, Holley rose to popularity as “The Night Creature” on KBOX (1480 AM) in Dallas, then, in 1962, became one of the “Good Guys” at Miami’s WFUN (790 AM), where he worked alongside future KYA program director Dick Starr. He moved on to Denver’s KIMN in 1965 and 1966, then returned to KBOX in Dallas in June 1966, where he was the last disc jockey heard prior to the station’s switch from Top 40 to Country in 1967.

Following his stretch at KYA and KOIT, Bill Holley reportedly returned to WFUN/Miami, then came back to the Bay Area as afternoon personality on Oldies KIQI (1010 AM) in San Francisco. He passed away from a heart attack in March 1995.

This great aircheck, covering nearly 50 minutes and presented in magnificent FM Stereo, was provided to the Bay Area Radio Museum by Jeff Hunt.

On The Air Sign (Image)

Bill Holley on KOIT 93.3 FM (Sunday, August 29, 1971)


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