“And Now, On 560 KSFO”

560 KSFO Personality Intros
Sound Design ’84

January and April 1984

KSFO Jock Jingles Box (Image)

Stay with us on this one – it may take a few minutes, but if you worked at 560 KSFO in early 1984 (and there were a whole bunch of you that did) then we guarantee you’ll hear your jock jingle somewhere in this recording.

First, some background: this tape was found among hundreds and hundreds that were donated to the Bay Area Radio Museum over the past decade. Finally, we got to this one, which was expertly digitized by Andy Welburn for the Bay Area Radio Museum (despite a few warps and melts in the tape).

Second, a disclaimer: you may not think that this is the most exciting piece of audio you’ve ever heard — unless, of course, you recognize the sheer number of Hall of Fame-level broadcasters whose jingles are heard in this collection.

The first segment of the recording (labeled “And Now … On 560 KSFO”) dates from January 6, 1984, about a month after Seattle’s King Broadcasting bought KSFO from Gene Autry’s Golden West Broadcasting; while the second segment (labeled “Now…”), is dated April 23, 1984.

Here is the full list of KSFO personalities whose jingles are heard on the recording, as noted on the box cover:

Also included in the package are imaging pieces for KSFO’s “Great American Radio Broadcast” and “Evening Sports Magazine” — the latter hosted by Ron Barr — and the syndicated “Sounds of Sinatra” show, hosted by Sid Mark.

On The Air Sign (Image)

KSFO Personality Intros (1984)



Special thanks to Andrew Welburn of the California Historical Radio Society for engineering the audio heard here.

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Janet Wilson
Janet Wilson
15 October 2018 5:01 AM

Thank you Andrew and BARHOF!! I remember these intros well and ALL the talented people I worked with in San Francisco radio in the 80’s. Missing my friend and mentor John Mack Flanagan, what a huge loss. Janet Wilson

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