Don Sherwood (Photo)It’s time to vote for your favorite Bay Area radio personalities in the 2018 Sherwood Awards!

Named for the World’s Greatest Disc Jockey, Don Sherwood (BARHOF 2006), the awards are the “people’s choice” for most popular active personalities in the music and news/talk categories, and for induction into the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame in the Legends/Lifetime Achievement category.

Public voting in these categories will continue through June 1, 2018, and the Sherwood Award winners will be announced at this year’s Radio Day By The Bay event in Alameda on July 21, along with inductees in other categories, including Announcer, News, Management, Sports, Pioneer, and Specialty, which will be voted on by current members of the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame.

Please note that you may cast only one ballot per day. A confirmation message will be sent to your email address; Duplicate votes on the same day and votes from invalid email addresses will be automatically deleted.

Ready to vote? Let’s go!

  • Please vote for your favorite personality (individual or team) currently on the air at a Bay Area radio station.
  • Please vote for your favorite personality (individual or team) currently on the air at a Bay Area radio station with a news, talk or sports format.
  • Please vote for your favorite personality (individual or team) no longer active (on the air) in Bay Area radio.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.




  1. From day 1 I could tell that Marcus & Sandy’ s show could go from radio to a TV show!! They have a chemistry that entertains to all audiences, uplifting news (sometimes LOL), positive vibes appealing to a GREAT audience of listerners!!

    MARCUS & SANDY with ther producer, Jenna (as she fills in sometimes) ARE the team to beat !! They are NO 1 !!

    I listen to them almost everyday single day! Sally

  2. I voted a week ago and I haven’t gotten a confirmation. I want to make sure my vote gets counted. How long before receiving your confirmation? thanks.

    1. Larry,

      Your vote was counted! There was a programming glitch in the notification — we were getting the messages instead of the voters.

      It has been fixed* and you will receive a notification next time you vote.

      Please scroll back up to the top of the page and vote again, if you haven’t already today.

      Thank you!


      * — Probably. You will probably get a notification. There are no guarantees.


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