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Merv Griffin

KFRC Radio 61
Circa 1945

Merv Griffin at San Francisco's KFRC

A young Merv Griffin (1925-2007) started his career at KFRC in 1945 as a singer and staff announcer, having won his place in an open audition.

He remained with the station until 1949, when he joined the Freddy Martin Orchestra as featured vocalist.

On The Air Sign (Image)

“Merv Griffin Sings” on KFRC (Undated; Circa 1945)

A too-brief snippet of Merv opening his program on KFRC, with an excerpt of “New Fashion.”

Ken Ackerman Interviews Merv Griffin (1986)

An off-air phone interview with Merv Griffin, conducted in 1986 by Ken Ackerman (BARHOF 2006) on the occasion of San Francisco’s venerable KFRC flipping from Top 40 to Nostalgia as Magic 61.


PHOTOGRAPH: Courtesy of George Zema of KFRC
AUDIO: Courtesy of Ken Ackerman (CHRS Archives)

Bay Area Radio Museum and Hall of Fame



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