KABL Radio

960 AM and 98.1 FM

Coverage Map


KABL Coverage Map (1978 Image)
A KABL (96 AM and 98.1 FM) coverage map, as issued by the station in 1978 as part of its marketing package. Several edits, including changes in job titles and the hurried scratching-out of “Stereo/Quad,” were executed before the document was mailed out.

As part of its marketing package directed toward potential advertisers, KABL included this coverage map and brief overview of the station’s appeal to Bay Area listeners, with a sample list of tunes that were among those featured (with “Evergreen – Streisand” hastily scribbled in) and a couple of quick corrections to the management team (Bill Clark moved up to General Manager, Dave McKinsey edited in as Program Director, replacing Clark, who had been General Sales Manager), with the station’s short-lived venture into Stereo/Quad summarily scratched out.

KABL Coverage Map (Image)

SOURCE: Bay Area Radio Archives, collection of David Jackson.