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Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame LogoThe Bay Area Radio Hall Of Fame (BARHOF) celebrates and recognizes the men, women and legendary stations that have made Bay Area Radio so special and important to the development of our society and culture.

Upcoming BARHOF Induction Event

Join us on September 20th at Spenger’s in Berkeley for the 2014 BARHOF Induction Luncheon. CLICK HERE FOR RESERVATIONS.

Preserving and Honoring Radio Broadcasting in the San Francisco Bay Area

The Bay Area Radio Museum

The Bay Area Radio Museum (BARM) presents archival broadcasts, historical documents, photos, music surveys and biographies that tell the stories of Bay Area Radio. Trace the history of radio in the San Francisco Bay Area from its origins in the early 20th Century through its development into a network powerhouse in the 1930s and 1940s and a thriving source of entertainment, news and sports today.

BARM and BARHOF are programs of the California Historical Radio Society. Thanks to the efforts of CHRS, its members and executive team, BARM and BARHOF continue to grow and thrive, and continue to bring the rich history of Bay Area radio to visitors from around the world. Visit CHRS to learn more about radio preservation and our efforts to create ‘CHRS Radio Central’ in Alameda, CA.

Latest News & Features

Welcome to the Bay Area Radio Museum and Bay Area Radio Hall Of Fame’s new site. We hope you enjoy our new updated look on your trip through Bay Area radio history. We have some new features. The large video box above is linked to the CHRS YouTube Channel and features all our latest uploads. All your favorite exhibits are still here. Plus, new exhibits will be added on a more regular basis. Please check back often. If you find a broken link, trouble viewing or listening to an exhibit, we encourage you use our SEARCH and SITEMAP. If you still have a problem, click here to tell us about it and we will try to fix it.

CLICK HERE to read Len Shapiro’s BARHOF Class of 2014 article.

CLICK HERE to read Ben Fong-Torres’ article on the KSAN Reunion.

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