KKIS 990, Pittsburg
“Top 33 On 99” Newspaper
Week Ending June 21, 1966



The back page of the “K-KIS Top 33 On 99” survey-newspaper for July 12, 1966,  includes an introduction to Ray Mossholder, the station’s “Mr. Talent.” Mossholder, shown at the UPI teletype machine in the KKIS newsroom, also hosts the station’s Sunday morning “Teen Forum” program in addition to teaching speech, drama and debate at Del Valle High School in Walnut Creek.

Also on the page is a photo of the Lovin’ Spoonful performing at a recent K-KIS concert at Diablo Valley College (see the June 21, 1966, edition for more info on that show), and a wistful look back at one year earlier on the station, which saw the departure of Honest John Trotter for Chicago, the theft of Johnny Van’s “Frog Princess” by Radio Ray Farrell (later to be known as Bobby Ocean), and a road trip in the Beatle Bus to a concert at the Cow Palace.

The survey of the Top 33 records being played on “Kay-Kis” this week, from the gatefold of this issue,  may be viewed by clicking here.


ORIGINAL SIZE: 8-1/2×11 inches.
NOTE: Not all pages included in this exhibit.
ADDITIONAL TEXT: David Ferrell Jackson.
SOURCE: Bill Plummer Collection, Bay Area Radio Museum.



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