560/KSFO, San Francisco
“Giant Among Giants”
Print Ad, 


This print ad, which appeared in Sports Illustrated during the Summer of 1971, featured San Francisco Giants star center fielder Willie Mays and KSFO’s Lon Simmons.

The text reads:

Giant Among Giants

The biggest bat and the surest glove in the major leagues have long belonged to Willie Howard Mays. He is one of the few players in the history of baseball who has spent more than twenty years with the same team. Through all of them he has been a Giant in every respect.

The best way to appreciate the skill and power of Willie Mays is to be in the Park when he plays. But measured in numbers, the most popular way to follow the game is to listen to Lon Simmons on KSFO. It would take 17 Candlestick Parks to hold the audience that enjoys a game on radio.

Willie Mays, Lon Simmons and KSFO — they all help make San Francisco a City of Giants. Follow the excitement on KSFO. It’s no small thing.

KSFO 560
San Francisco/Oakland

ORIGINAL SIZE: 8.5 inches x 11 inches.
SOURCE: Bay Area Radio Museum Collection.



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