KFMR Radio, Fremont
Coverage Map
Circa 1975


This improvised coverage map, apparently hand-drawn to show the signal pattern of Fremont’s KFMR (104.9 FM), was included in the station’s sales package during the mid-1970s. KFMR began its life as KHYD in March 1961 under the ownership of Leon Crosby, who later owned San Francisco’s KMPX (107 FM) and KEMO-TV (Channel 20). KHYD broadcast from studios on Peralta Boulevard and a transmitter in the hills above Niles in Fremont, and became KFMR in August 1964. The station became the first fulltime country music station on the FM dial — in stereo — in the Bay Area in 1967. By the mid-197os, KFMR was broadcasting brokered religious programming from studios on Williams Street in Fremont’s Centerville District.kcnl_channel-1049_logo_2005

The station switched to Spanish-language programming in 1979 as KDOS, and became KBRG in 1983, relocating its studios from Fremont to San Jose in 1989. KBRG was switched to Classic Rock KUFX (“The Fox”) in December 1997, and began simulcasting sister station KOME (98.5) in June 1998 as KLDZ. On February 1, 1999, KLDZ became KCNL (Channel 104.9).

The station’s transmitter was moved from its original location in the Fremont hills to a new site in the hills near San Jose, and its city of license was legally changed to Sunnyvale in February 2003.

SOURCE: Bay Area Radio Digest Collection.



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