KSFX, San Francisco
Becomes KGO-FM 104
Monday, May 3, 1982

Featuring Richard Gossett of KSFX and Jim Dunbar and Ted Wygant of KGO26

The final hour of rock’n’roll on KSFX (103.7 FM) in San Francisco, with Richard Gossett holding court until Jim Dunbar (photo, right) and Ted Wygant move in with the rest of the morning news team and the station becomes, officially, KGO-FM.

The text for this exhibit is currently being developed. However, you may listen to the audio portion of the presentation by clicking on the link below.136


KSFX Becomes KGO-FM 104 (May 3, 1982; 75 mins.)


Keith Richards on KSFX (April 15, 1982; 80 mins.)

With just a few weeks left in KSFX’s history, the station proclaims that “before we start talkin’, we’re gonna do plenty of rockin’.” This recording from Mike Schweizer’s collection begins at about 9:50 PM on Richards’ night shift.

Special thanks to Mike Schweizer for the recordings included in this exhibit.



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