Sunday, August 16, 1964

“How the devil are ya?”

The remarkable Real Don Steele (born Donald Steele Revert, 1936-1997) — “Your Mighty Leader” — spent only a brief time at

The Real Don Steele (KEWB Publicity Photo)
The Real Don Steele
(KEWB Publicity Photo)

Oakland’s Channel 91-derful on his way to landmark status as afternoon god at 93/KHJ in Los Angeles, but he shined brightly during his short stint in “Kewb Country,” wearing two hats: one as on-air personality, and another as program director.

This scintillating Sunday afternoon example of his frenetic, distinctive patter is a preview of things to come less than a year later when Boss Radio — with RDS’ KEWB teammate Robert W. Morgan anchoring the morning shift — was unleashed on L.A.

The gently ‘scoped aircheck that accompanies this exhibit has much of the music edited out, but manages to show both Steele and KEWB at their very best.


1964          The Real Don Steele on KEWB (22 minutes)



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